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Requires your attention for the february release

Sometimes, its necessary to change Microbizz in a way that require you as a customer to be aware for potential changes to your workflow.  Every change in this category will be in the list below.

Access to companies

We have made a few changes to how it is determined if a user can access a company. A user now also has access to a company if there is a future planning for that user for any of the tasks that belong to the company. Notice that it may take a few minutes from the planning is created and until the user gains access.

When a password expires

When a users password expires, the user is no longer prevented from logging into Microbizz, but will be prompted for a new password.

Microbizz version 2 app and Android 12

Please be aware that a new Android upgrade named Android 12 is available and our testing finds that Microbizz version 2 doesn't work on that platform. As we don't develop for the Microbizz version 2 app anymore, you shouldn't upgrade to Android 12 or buy any Android 12 devices if you for some reason relies on version 2 of our app. All users should upgrade to version 3 of our app.

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