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Requires your attention for the September 2023 release

Sometimes, its necessary to change Microbizz in a way that require you as a customer to be aware for potential changes to your workflow.  Every change in this category will be in the list below.

Task layout

When using layout on task you should beware that the field “Requisition” is no longer included in the layout when the “Invoice policy” field is included.

Planning in the new Project module

When planning fulldays in the new Project module it could happen that the number of hours/minutes were adjusted slightly by Microbizz. This was due to rounding errors.

To fix this issue it was necessary to make minor changes to the way that kind of fullday plannings are stored. This doesn’t affect fullday plannings outside the new Project module, but it may affect them within the new Project module, there may still be rounding errors in old plannings.

Anonymizing data

Tasks, persons, customer and more can have an expirationdate. When the date is passed the object is anonymized. Unfortunately the anonymization of tasks didn’t work.

Clean up

We have disabled the CLEAN UP page in the System module. It worked fine, but for customers with large amounts of data it was so slow that it was unusable. We will consider if there is a faster way of doing it.

Task permissions

We have renamed to permissions in the Task module. “Delete invoice lines” has been renamed to “Delete product use”, and “Offset invoice lines” has been renamed to “Offset product use”.

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