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Requires your attention for the January 2024 release

Sometimes, its necessary to change Microbizz in a way that require you as a customer to be aware for potential changes to your workflow.  Every change in this category will be in the list below.

GDPR / Person data

Today, when choosing to anonymize / delete data automatically because of GDPR, we check the GDPR Expiration date field and if the date is = “yesterday” we update the objects.

This mean, if you manually set the date to 2 days ago or more, then nothing will happend

In this update, we have changed this behaviour, so we look at every object like tasks, customers, etc. and if the date is in the past (no matter how long ago) we anonymize / delete data


Today, when using “Fixed text” in a form in regarding with questions that jump to another question, even though the fixed text isn’t supposed to be shown, then it would show in the users answer, even though the user have not been showing the field.

We have made some adjustments to forms, so in situations where fixed text is used in forms but not showing in the form when an user is answering, it will be not be shown in the answer itself

We have phased out our translation option in forms, as it will be replaced by “Translation” which can be activated as a functinality in system module → functionality

This gives better option to translate more than just forms, and also works with the app

When creating a subtask with an task template from a form, and this form is completed on a subtask in the project module, then the team on the task would not be taken from the project if configured to do so. It will now be taken from the project.


When using the subcontractor feature, the task description in the mail will now not be in bold text.


We have made adjustments to CreateTodoFromTemplate so that the responsible is now taken for the template and not the active user who makes the API call


If you experience any UI issues (Graphical issues in Microbizz, like some icons are missing or menus looking misplaced) we recommend clearing your cache directly from you browser.

This is how to clear cache in Google Chrome:

This is how to clear cache in Mozilla firefox

This is how to clear cache in Microsoft Edge

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