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Better report generation

In this upcoming release, we made it technically possible for reports to be generated as a background job to give you an better expierience

What is it?

When you usually generate a report, you insert your criteria and click “Show” and then you wait until Microbizz is finished generating the report as you may experience that your Microbizz is not letting you continue with something else

In this release, we moved the technical generation to the background. This means, when you generate a report big enough, we will notify you when it's ready through our Notification system, to give you an even better experience in Microbizz. If its not a big report, we will generate it immediately.

How do I use it?

There is no configuration needed when wanting to use the new generation. Just generate an report like you are used to, and you are on your way.

Check out this video, where we show how you to get going


When you have created your custom registrations, you can now register custom registration in the following places:

  • Directly from your worksheet

  • From a task “Hour” tab

  • From a projects “Hour” tab

Places that are not available yet:

  • From customer “Hour” tab

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