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New release - APP3




Solution for the Issue 


Incorrect equipment options when checking in
Issue : When an equipment type has "allow registration" sometimes the APP mistook this as a valid equipment, 
even though the equipment was not linked to the task.

Some further checks are made to make sure that incorrect equipment does not show up incorrectly.

Android"My Task" standard filter wasnt working correctly
Issue: Additional employees criteria was not working
The filter now also looks at Additional employees 
iOSCompletely deleting custom registrations was not possible
Issue: Server was not reacting to the details APP3 was sending
We have tweaked both the APP and the WEB to accommodate the need to delete custom registrations.
iOSEquipment search on tasks
Issue: Searching always gave 0 results
BothGerman translations
Issue : A lot of mistranslations and missing translations
A lot of new translations have been implemented.
BothTasks without addresses, which have koordinates
Issue: We dont show the field/button to open maps when there are no address on the task
We now show the button and its clickable, even when no address is added to the object.

New development
BothNew APP logo
BothNorwegian translationsThis is the first build, more translations should be coming in the following sprints. Please report mistranslations and missing translations to our support.




Solution for the Issue 


Pool filters 
Issue : Pools did not work at all on iOS

The Issue has been solved : We can now filter tasks by pools again.

Issue : We dont show a lot of options in dropdown menus and no indicators to show there are more if you scroll.
The Issue has been solved : More options are now visible by default, and an indicator has been added in case more options are still available in we scroll down.




Solution for the Issue 


Custom Registrations 
Issue : issues with saving changes in the custom registration

The Issue has been solved : We can now save and delete custom registration fields correctly

iOSCustom Registrations
Issue : The custom registration button would be completely gone on some contracts.
The Issue has been solved : The custom registration button now always shows when activated.
BothNoOverlap setting
Issue :  We did not calculate minutes correctly always. This resulted in sometimes the APP would block for timeregistrations that were ok.

The Issue has been solved : We now allow the correct amount of overlap.

AndroidTasks / Pictures
Issue : Under certain situations, APP3 would not send the correct objectID to the server.
The Issue has been solved : We should no longer receive the error code, and the actions should successfully go through.




Solution for the Issue 


Decimals in Custom - Registrations 
Issue : When creating Custom Registrations in Time Registrations, Decimals were not possible/allowed 

The Issue has been solved : Now Decimals are allowed in the custom Registrations in Time Registrations. 

AndroidProduct Numbers cut off
Issue : In Android the Product Numbers are not viewed entirely
The Issue has been solved : Now Full / entire Product Numbers are displayed.
iOSSearching for Companies takes too long time 
Issue :  In Tasks and Companies Searching for one particular company / to search for Objects takes 2 minutes 

The Issue has been solved : Now the Search has become very Reasonable.
We can receive the results from a Search like 10-20 seconds max.

AndroidRenaming of the Photos / Images with symbols giving an error.
Issue : After Using the Symbols the error appears in the background.
The Issue has been solved : The symbols are saving in the Photo / Images. 
Note : "/" (backslash) has been deactivated. The other symbols now work without issues.

New DevelopmentDescription for the New Development

Dates are showing in the same format 
New Functionality :

When Danish Language is chosen the date format will be DD/MM/YYYY
When English Language is chosen the date format will be YYYY/MM/DD 

All Modules of Microbizz now has the given format with chosen language. Including : Notes, Messages, Equipment, Hours, Companies, Tasks, Files and Folders.  
Note : Yet, Date Conventions has to be done. Date Conventions in entire modules can be done in  the Future!
BothEquipment Group - File Folder Now App and Web users can be able to See all files related to the Equipment group along with the Files from the Equipment. The Files that are visible today can also access the files of the Equipment Group.
BothCalendar / Plan - Watch Others You can now select other users to view their plans and events in the calendar.
Note : Colours of the Users (other colours) in the Calendar and the reminders/ planning / appointment still shows Orange colour for every user - The same colours of the Users will be done in  the next sprint.
Both Companies - Subsidiaries small changes Fixed In the Companies Module now there are Subcompanies which are clickable and will be navigates to the Subcompanies, Full list button is available. 
Both GetMobileAppSettings - NoTimeOverlapWith the key activated for overlapping the function of overlapping works as Expected and Vice versa.






Date format fixed on Equipment status
More date format fixes coming later.

Dates should now (in most places) be shown as DD/MM/YYYY on Danish language.
Dates should now (in most places) be shown as YYYY/MM/DD on English language.

BothSubsidiaries linked objects opening incorrect objects.We now open the specific company if you click at a specific company. And the full list of subsidiaries if you click the subcompany title.
Next sprint we will add a text to help guide the users to open the full subsidiary page.
iOSDropdown menu´s cut off / not shown fully when opened in the bottom of the screenWe now show as many options as possible without needed to scroll in the opened window. We also will move the page up/down some, accordingly to needs.
AndroidUsing "minus" ( - ) in forms will crash the APPNo longer crashes the app.

New Development
BothIf a task is updated, while the user is currently having this page open, the task will now update live.
Such as task status and most fields.

BothEquipment Group Files
BothCompany Column group implemented on Persons

 ANDROID 7.2IOS 6.2 





Dates shown in their language format

Dates should now (in most places) be shown as DD/MM/YYYY on Danish language.
Dates should now (in most places) be shown as YYYY/MM/DD on English language

BothSort options on Project/Subtask page was incompleteAll the sort options from the Task module is now available.
iOSNotifications are cut off after 2 lines.We now show full notification text.

New Development
BothSynk Indicators has been implemented.
This should give the users a better warning when they are out of synk and/or not having connection.

BothCompany Column group implemented on Persons

 ANDROID 7.1IOS 6.1 





Could not edit internal posts in some situations

Bug Fixed.

BothCamera flash is too powerful We´ve made some corrections to the way to do/use flash.
iOS"Worksheet is closed" happens in incorrect timesWe´ve added more functionality and checks to make sure APP3 has the correct worksheet status.
AndroidOrientation/Flipping is causing loss of filled out dataWe´ve fixed the issue andit should be re-activated flipping on all pages.
AndroidPercentage numbers in forms not working correctly with min/max numbersBug Fixed.

 ANDROID 7.0IOS 6.0 





A lot of swedish translations missing or mistranslated

We´ve corrected a lot of places in the APP where translations was incorrect

BothSearching part 2Last release we made some changes to the API and made sure it worked.
This release we are using more of the changes in order to give more correct search results.
iOSCant edit or register time registration in the pastWe´ve fixed a bug that made it impossible to edit time
AndroidDuplicate checkout calls issueWe´ve tried to optimize the code so it shouldn't be possible again.

New development
BothProductionplan Reveal-Time and -Date has been implemented
BothCamera functionality Zoom and Flash has been implemented
BothSearch logic " " has been implementedYou can now use " " such as "Address 22", making sure that Address 22 needs to exactly as written in the same order. It should help in some cases to give less results.
It should filter off most results such as ID´s etc. that starts with 22 in it, when the address isnt exactly whats been specified.

 ANDROID 6.9IOS 5.9 





Searching does not always give the wanted results (its not limiting enough)

We have made some improvements on search logic. However, we are not done, and we will have a bigger update on this next time we release.

BothLoading bars lasts too long sometimesBug fixed. Loading bars should now last no longer than 5 seconds.
iOSEmails are not always hyperlinkedIf the field is an email field, it should not always be hyperlinked if the email is valid
iOSCreating appointments gives errors and creates duplicatesBug fixed

New development
BothColumn Groups have been implemented on Products.
BothSave for later have been implemented on Services and Inspections.

 ANDROID 6.8IOS 5.8 




BothProduct units not displaying (correctly)We have fixed the UI so units always should be visible


Custom Registrations not working everywhere

We´ve solved this specific issue. Please contact us if you cant choose the custom registrations options.

AndroidFlipping does not work on tabletWe have fixed this issue.
iOSPhone "loading" forever when logging in.Fixed a log in issue when in offline mode.

 ANDROID 6.7IOS 5.7 




BothCustom registration had an incorrect titleTitle changed


GPS would on some devices refuse to get a renewed locations

Bug fixed

AndroidCustom Registrations fields and text overlappingUI fixed, more coming next release.

New Development
BothNo Time Overlap has been implemented
BothFurther functionality added to Custom Registrations

 ANDROID 6.6 IOS 5.6





Serialnumber field was using the wrong keyboard on samsung phones

Bug fixed

AndroidPreview info for "planned for" column group was not showing correctly on all pagesBug fixed


Samsung tablet - "flipping" resets values

Bug fixed

iOSStatuses not showing until fully synked

Statuses will now show without the APP needs to be fully synked

iOSRemoved some functionality that would stop a device from updating Checkin informationBug fixed
iOSSignature field does not rotate back after finishing the field.Bug fixed
iOSScanned barcodes gets put into incorrect fieldsBug fixed

New development
BothInspections now available from the service button on equipment

 ANDROID 6.5 IOS 5.5





Worksheet issues for 2022 dates

Bug fixed

BothPlaceholder text sometimes showing in incorrect fieldBug fixed


When entering the calendar, a lot of API calls happen

We´ve changed the way we do API-calls when entering calendar.

BothForms saved for later, can be opened before its been updated

We have made several tweaks and checks and made a 1 second “lock” on the form after saved for later.

New development
BothWeekhours overview

  IOS 5.4.2

iOSImages containing comma´s in the file name in forms (its not allowed)APP3 no longer sends commas in filenames

  IOS 5.4.1

iOSImages in forms gets removed when saved several timesIssue fixed

 ANDROID 6.4.1 

AndroidUnable to upload pictures from camera roll - specific phone versions - 2nd build.Issue fixed

 ANDROID 6.4 IOS 5.4

AndroidCant open PDF´sBug Fixed
AndroidAPP crashing when using "take" shortcutBug Fixed
AndroidEndtime visually off screen / cant see detailsWe have improved the UI.
If you still experience issues with this, please try to decrease the OS font size
Android"Location is 6300km away" at check-inWe have looked into why APP3 is not updating its location as expected. Some optimizations has been made.
We will take a deeper look into the issue next sprint as well
AndroidDeadline filter is the default page when its activeStatus filter is now always the default page
AndroidUnable to upload pictures from camera roll (crash) - Specific devicesWe have tried solving this issue. Please let us know if you still experience these issues
iOSMarking ProductUse - marks the wrong productsBug Fixed
iOSEditing time - Area to press is too smallWe have increased the area to press
iOSiPhone SE(2nd gen) keeps crashingWe have tried to optimize so it won´t crash any longer.

 ANDROID 6.3 IOS 5.3

iOSÆØÅ is not displaying correctly in messagesBug fixed
iOSGPS is inconsistent and incorrectWe have made some more changes and fixes
AndroidAndroid 13 - Photo's in forms crashes the app, reuses same photos and other general issuesWe have fixed an issue with storing photos locally on the device
AndroidCreating an Internal post time registration crashes the appBug fixed
BothAdding and Deleting Additional time registrations on checkout could influence the checkout time reportedIssue solved
BothTasklists are showing closed tasks We have changed the filter to not show closed tasks
BothRecovery pop-up message from forms has misleading textWe have updated the message
BothSynking too many objectsWe have removed an incorrect API call
BothGPS functionality general updateGPS functionality has been tweaked a few places
BothUser icons can be invisible if the usertypecolor is whiteWe have implemented contrasting colors for user icons

New development
BothSubsidiaries page has been implemented
BothPlaceholder text in forms has been implemented

 ANDROID 6.2 IOS 5.2

iOS"jumping around" / Auto scroll - Happens again due to new OS (16.1.2)We have solved it on 16.1.2

iOSEmpty menus when all buttons are disabled from permissionsThe Green "+" button is removed when there are no buttons to press in the menu

AndroidNokia 5.3 cant take picturesWe have attempted to solve the issue

AndroidDeadline filter cant be deleted/removedThe filter can now be removed

Android"Create task" permission is not followed on Equipment and Companies.The permission now also disables the possibility to create tasks from companies and equipment.

AndroidSamsung keyboard cant fill out negative fields (no "-" sign)Samsung phones can now also fill out the negative sign for filling out negative numbers in forms.

BothTime registrations, check-in and -out.A few minor bugs fixed

BothSecondary text - Your reference and Our reference showing ID instead of nameWe now display the title of the field instead of the ID

BothThe "onxnet" indicator/button on pictures when uploading to files doesn't work.The button has been removed, since its an outdated function. Extranet availability is automatically controlled by the contract settings.

New development

BothCustom Registration has been implemented


BothSwedish translations missingMore Translations has been implemented

BothSync process has had some issue latelySynk logic has been reworked.

BothUnits on product/productuse is not shown correctlyUnits now display correctly.

BothLong Product names will be cut off We now allow many more lines and characters for product names.

BothSearching on products is not limiting enoughProduct search has been improved.

BothNumber fields could previously not have a negative value. This has been changed in WEB and therefor we will also make it available in APP3You can now fill out negative numbers.
NOTE: Samsung keyboard might not have the minus sign as an option. We are looking into this issue in the next sprint.

AndroidAndroid 13(BETA) has some issuesYou can now upload and take pictures on Android 13.

AndroidCalling Persons needs to have a number in both mobile and telephoneyou can now call regardless which or both fields is used.

AndroidStart time format issue on appointmentsIssue has been fixed

AndroidRemoving "spare parts" temporarily.For now we have removed the spare parts column.
In the future we will implement spare parts fully for both iOS and Android

iOSTask template translation is missing for Danish languageTask Templates has been translated to other languages


AndroidWhen opening forms which is ongoing (has been saved for later) fieldtypes of yes/no, with the answer "yes" is displayed and saved as "no"This issue was fixed by updating the Android library logic.

 ANDROID 5.8 IOS 5.0

BothWebApp (APP2/legacy feature) has been made for APP3.

BothVarious translations to Danish and Swedish.We corrected the translations.

BothSome functionality is not supposed to give sound and pop-ups.

Certain Push Notifications has been made invisible and sound-free 

iOSService button does not workWe fixed the issue.

iOS (iPad)Closing forms does not load and you can close tasks without filling out said forms.We fixed the issue.

 IOS 4.9

iOSRounding of checkin/outs still was causing inconsistensies.We have tweaked the logic behind the reported minute count of checkouts. 

 ANDROID 5.7 IOS 4.8




AndroidGoogle Pixel Pro 6 - crashesWe will investigate and hopefully solve the issue.

BothPools - Tasks which was added to several pools will only show in the first oneWe will make sure tasks will be shown in all the pools they have been added to.

BothProductionplans which is locked can still be changed through the calendarWe will make sure to disable the edit/delete options if a plan is locked.

BothYou can close a task while checked inPreviously it was allowed to do time registrations on closed tasks. But not anymore.
Therefor we will make sure that you no longer can close a task while you are checked in on it.

BothCustom field persons
Is not linked/clickable.
We will make sure that the custom field opens the person when clicked.

BothSearching - companies not being limiting enoughWe will make searching more limiting on companies.

 ANDROID 5.6 IOS 4.7


iOSOngoing forms not loading when using the shortcut forms option.
It only shows those ongoing forms if it has been loaded previously from the forms page.
We load ongoing forms when opening the shortcut forms now.

iOSWhen trying to log in with username/password, and you enter wrong details it will get stuck and re-install is required to fix it.Fixed the issue.

iOS"Loading dots" Was happening alot.We have tried and solved this issue. It should be fixed. Please write in if you still experience it a lot.

BothInitials/logo with 3 initials is showing rather poorly on timeregistrationsWe will make the icon with your initials fit the designated area.



BothWhen a user´s password is changed the APP locks up.We will make sure the APP is logging the user out, rather than just locking up the screens and actions. 

BothSearching in APP3 is not always giving the expected results.We have made a new task that will fix it in one place. But this task has been paused for the time being

BothContact person custom standard field is not linked/clickableWe have made the field clickable, and it will open up the person from the person module.

BothUsers can edit the API-calls made from APP3We have disabled this option

BothUsers can edit their own information, such as name and email.We have added a new API-call so that APP3 can see the setting if users are allowed to edit such information.

BothEditing a production plan to another user does not workThe API-calls is now made correctly, reassigning a planned task to another chosen user.

BothExpression custom field subtype is not updating regularly.The field is now updated from normal syncing.

BothCHANGE to the API-call GetQuestionForm is being made.

It will no longer be syncing always, it will only be syncing at startup, when entering the sync page and once a day.
It now does not update forms on a regular basis. But it will call it when entering synk page and when entering the forms page (on any object).

AndroidSearching for " " (blank/spacebar) on products, crashes the app.It no longer crashes the app

AndroidRounding of check in/out still isn't working as expectedWe have tweeked the check-in/out time once again 

AndroidSamsung-specific issue.
"Close Task" option not re-activating itself automatically.
(When filling out forms)
Samsung devices now work as well as other Android devices.



BothIts possible to save tasks and forms several times in a rowWe have made further checks that will try and stop duplicates from happening.

BothMarkings column group is displaying 0/1The column group is now displaying Yes/No.

BothGPS is not accurate if you check-in/out right after you open Microbizz.

We have made a lot of functionality to make it clear to the users what is going on.
1) Added a loading animation if the APP has not received new GPS coordinates for 5 minutes.
2) If the app still have no new coordinates after 5 seconds, the animation stops and a warning Message is displayed. (That you don’t have updated coordinates)
3) If the user checks in when no new coordinates has been received yet, we will not send the
Last known coordinates, but register it with the coordinates 0,0.

If the user has updated coordinates, it will work as it always has.

Both"MyFiles" folders are not workingSolved from WEB. No changes made in the APP.

BothWe only show 2 initials, and sometimes they are incorrectWe now show 3 initials when there are 3 initials given.

iOSCan create 0-minute Internal time registrationWe now disallow 0-minute registrations on internal posts.

iOSForms which is saved for later, is giving an error when finalizing the form.
This only happens on forms filled out on customers.
This issue has been fixed. The API-call has been updated.

iOSReviewing text fields in forms will only display a few lines of text.
There is no indication that more text is available.
The entirety of the text fields will now be visible (open).

iOSIt is possible to choose endtime which is before start time again.

This may cause incorrect timeregistration
It should no longer be possible to choose an endtime that’s before start time.
(Check-in/outs may still show this by itself).

iOS"Show files from project" setting is not working while "Hide projects from APP and API" is activated.Project files is now available on subtasks, if the setting for this has been activated.

AndroidCertain hardcoded fields are not translated to Danish.Some fields has been updated for the Danish translation.

AndroidNotifications is not correctly marked Read/UnreadNotifications will now be marked read no matter from where you have entered the notification.



iOSCheckin-time is always rounded up. We found the rounding issue, and have solved it.

iOSNo persons available to choose when creating tasksWe fixed a bug, where it would not filter the correct persons from the company.

AndroidSamsung devices' columngroups is sometimes cut off, so not all text is visible.We have adjusted the User Interface so it should no longer happen.

BothImagesizes are too bigSizes and Quality of images has be lowered.
Quality has been adjusted from 70% to 40%. And size will also drop accordingly.

Both"Close Task" not re-activating itself "Close Task" functionality has been improved, and will update without the need to leave the task and opening it again

BothNew functionality  New sorting options for Product useWe have added "Groups" and Custom Fields as sorting options.

BothNew functionality Groupings has been added for Product useProduct use will now be grouped into categories, depending on the sorting option chosen.

BothNew functionality  GPS will be send throughout the day, according to settings and permissionsiOS will only send the coordinates when the app is open, but Android will do so even when its only running in the background.
As always when GPS, this only happens when settings are activated for doing so.



BothDeleted notes is still accessibleWe made sure that it won't be possible to access deleted notes and write new comments.

BothAPP3 accepts ";" (semicolon) in the filename. But server does not.

Making the pictures saved in app3 with that symbol not able to be received in WEB
APP3 will no longer allow ";"


AndroidEditing of internal registration - endtime will show as the same as starttimeWe made sure when you edit the internal registration, that it opens it up with the correct start and endtime.

AndroidProduct prices is displayed incorrectly if the decimal is between 01 and 09. (its purely visual, saved products is still saved correctly)We now display the correct number

iOSWhen editing time registrations it opens it up with current time, as start and endtime.It will open up the timeregistration with the registrations start and endtime.

iOSCreating appointments - the time is incorrect by 2 hours.we made sure the appointment is created correctly.


BothWe received push-messages after logging out from a userwe will clear the push-token from our database upon logout.

Androidshows the wrong number of userswe will not longer count inactive users.

AndroidSamsung A devices (A22 in specific) has crashes happening when taking a picture on forms.We are investigating and will attempt to locate and solve the issue. 

iOSSearching on equipment(from task page) will have a small changeit will be slightly more flexible

iOSThe Task icon is wrong on companies and equipment pages.We will change the icon to the correct icon





AndoidCreating time registrations from the HOURS module creates the time registrations from today´s date. Rather than the currently viewed date.
This also happens when editing time registrations (they get moved to todays date)
We have fixed it, so it works as it used to.

BothThe "Close" option does not re-appear automatically, after all forms has been completed.

It requires the user to exit > re-enter the task
We will make the task update/check this info automatically.

BothMany translation errorsTranslations has been made and implemented

BothSecondary text on products is goneWe added secondary text back to the product 

AndroidFavorite products does not show anymoreFavorite products now shows and updates as it used to

AndroidScreen still refreshes every 5 seconds.
This causes dropdown menu with workarea to automatically close every 5 seconds.
This has been solved

AndroidRenaming of pictures does not work under creationThis has been solved

AndroidChosen filters resets when the APP is completely closed downWe now save the filter options, and it will be remembered locally on the phone.

AndroidIf you fill out a form > go back to task view > choose a new task.
It change it to the task where you filled out a form. (and leaves the current task without taking any action)
This has been solved

Androidin Android we no longer respect the setting that deactivates time registration on companies.This has been solved

iOSTask icon is wrong on equipment pages.This has been solved





BothYou can have 2 phone numbers added to a Person.

But when clicking the call or text button on the Person it only uses the first one
We will add a pop-up that gives you both options to choose from.

BothWhen entering the product page on a project, the task icon is showed instead of the project iconThe project icon will be shown instead.
We located several other places where this happened as well. 

BothAttaching equipment to a customer in WEB did not reflect the changes in APP3.The attached equipment change now synchs correctly.

Bothnew functionality
Offsetting product lines option does not work
When "Offset" functionality is activated in WEB, it now works in APP3 as well.

BothScan does not work on QR codesNothing has been changed in APP3. We are still working on changing/improving the QR code generation in WEB.


new functionality
Project files on subtasks

When the setting "show project files" in WEB is activated, APP3 will show files and folders from the project on the subtasks. 
Setting can be found here:
System > Konfiguration > app and api > task

iOSFilter names cut offWe will make 3 lines available for names/titles, just as in Android.

iOS"Jumps around" from earlier version.
Also happened on global search.
Has been fixed on the global search page too.

iOSCustom fields are not searchable on other objects.

For example if you are on a task and looking for attached equipment's, then custom fields from equipment are not searchable.
When searching for equipment's, custom fields for equipment will be searchable.
Same goes for tasks and companies.

AndroidFilling out forms on customers failedfixed the bug





BothPlans stays in APP3 forever, if the APP was closed/offline for 7 days, after the plan was deleted in WEB.We will check a 4 week period instead of the 1 week period.
(Issue will still happen if a user is away for a whole month)

BothInternal posts is not updated or deletedIt will now update by entering the regular synk page

Both"..." In the HOURS module, sometimes the endtime is shortened by "..."UI has been fixed

BothCustom fields on Equipment is always visible regardless of which Equipment type they are specified forIt will now only be visible on the chosen equipment types

BothIt is possible for users, in very specific and extreme cases, to checkin on a new task, while already checked in on another task.

This makes the first check-in be automatically checked out, since we only allow to be checked in on one object at a time
More checks and measures will be added, so that this is not possible

BothImprovement of UPSYNKWe will add a whole new page, which only displays errors from upsynk.
We will also add a new icon in the top-right, which will warn users if they have errors in the page. Clicking this icon will bring you to the new filtered upsynk error page.
The users need to manually go in and dismiss errors in order to put the icon back to invisible

BothCustom fields of the type "Markings" is currently showing as 1 and 0, it is suppsoed to display as yes and noIt now display as yes and no

BothAutomatic checkout does not happen while in offline mode.
This can theoretically make the APP send time registrations which are longer than 24hours, which we do not want.
APP should manage the time if in offline mode. and making sure to check out if the checkout is going over 24hours. (It should never create time registrations which has more than 24hours in it).
We will not do this for now anyway. 24 hour check-out will continue to be an "online" only functionality, that also means if a user manually checks out in offline mode, that checkout and timeregistration will happen, even if its a timeregistration that are longer than 24 hours.

AndroidOn automatic users, the checkout button does not always revert back to the "check-in" button, after checkout.

This is but a visual bug, it will still allow the user to check-in/out as normal
The button icons is now displayed correctly

AndroidColor on modules is gone on some of them.
Its seemingly random which modules has lost their color depending on phone version and contract number

AndroidWhen text is longer, the text is cut off in the column groupText is no longer cut off.

AndroidSometimes the side menu options is non-functioningfixed

AndroidPools does not always workThe pools filter on tasks now works as intended.

iOSWhen you scroll to the bottom of a list (for example tasks), the entire screen sometimes will "jump around"fixed

iOSChanging stock resets language to Englishfixed

iOS"Service status" - filter on task does not display the correct optionsWill now display the correct options

iOSPhone numbers are not linked/hyperlinked.The app now always recognize phone numbers in column groups as linked and they are clickable again.

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