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Q1 - 2021

Fortnox integration - option to report house work hours.

When configuring the Fortnox integration it is now possible to report house work hours. On the corresponding product in the product catalogue add a custom field, and put in the factor of house work hours to report. If you enter 2 into this field, then every time you invoice one of these products, two house work hours will be reported to Fortnox. Select the newly created custom field in the Fortnox integration to start using this functionality.

Reset buttons

Reset buttons have been added to som e of the larger search forms, like quotation search, EDI search, product search and more.

Permission for associating persons with companies

The Person module has a new permission for controlling who are allowed to create person-company associations:

Calls (in Sales module)

There are a lot of minor changes to the "calls" feature in the Sales module: buttons have been rearrange, a few things have been renamed to make the meaning clearer, and the whole "calls" feature can be disabled.


The FILES tab in the Task module, User module, CRM module and many other places, has been updated to use more of the width the screen. There are now buttons for switching between list mode and icons mode, and for selecting the sort order.

To manipulate a folder you right click on the folder to open a menu. To delete/download/email one or more files, you select the files and then right click to open the menu.

Delete team

When you delete a team you can now specifiy a replacement team. Tasks, companies etc will then be updated to use that team instead of the deleted team.


The editing of products and produkt filters and units etc. has been moved from the Sales module to the Setup module. Those customers who used the "limited sales module" will now no longer have access to the Sales module. There are new permissions in the Setup module which duplicate the product related permissions from the Sales module.


There is a new report T64E which extracts the sum of the costprice of all hour registrations.

Local filters

It is now possible to create and edit filtre from the boxes on the start pages; f.ex. the start page box "Task from filter" lists tasks that match a filter. Previously you had to edit the filter in the task module, and then go back to the start page and select the filter there. Now you can edit the filter directly on the start page, when you select which filter to use. Filters that are created this way are called "local filters" and are not visible elsewhere in the system.


The product use filter has been changed a little, to allow you to filtre on the source of the product use, eg. the user or EDI or equipment that created the product use.

Filters that test for a specific time (e.g. "change time is equal to 08:54") has changed a bit. It was unclear whether "equal to 08:54" meant "equal to 08:54:00" or "in same minute as 08:54". This has been clarified by renaming "is equal to" to "is in same minute as", and adding a new comparison "is exactly equal to".

Mail import

The mail import in CRM has been extended with a whitelist and blacklist, to filter which attachments are copied to the task/company. The whitelist and blacklist consist of a list of expressions that must match; an expression is either a regular expression (if it starts with /) or a wildcard (f.ex. '*.jpg').

Equipment QR code

When exporting equipment QR codes Microbizz can now remember which template to use.

Export all data

In the Setup module, in the ADMIN menu, there is now an option to export all data from Microbizz. This is only intended as a way to get all data out of Microbizz after you have decided to stop using Microbizz,  the exported data is not in a format that you would normally want to use, it requires a developer to make sense of it.

Question form details page

The question forms now have a details page, a bit like the details page for a task or person or equipment. The details page displays info about the form, and has buttons for editing/deleting/copying/etc. Below the buttons are a number of tabs with further information. One of the tabs lists the actions and allows editing of the actions.

Invoicing at checkout

The Drive module allows you to setup automatic invocing when a user checks out from a task. So far this has only worked when checking from the web system, not when checking out from the app. This has been fixed.

Multi page PDF documents

When editing multi page PDF documents, eg. when editing the fields or the "empty area", list of pages in the PDF is now displayed in the right side of the screen; you click on one of the thumbnails to select which pages to edit.

Close work sheet whilst checked in

When you try to close the daily work sheet for today whilst checked in, you will get a warning. 

Removal of old features

We have removed a few old, route related features in the Planning module. As far as we could tell, noone used these features.

Add multiple tasks to pool

For the task search page you can now add multiple tasks to a pool. Select the tasks, and use the new "To pool" item from the "Change" menu.


The GENEREL settings from all modules (Task/User/Person/CRM/Equipment/more) have been moved to the Setup module. The settings are the same, but the settings from all modules are now available the same place.

You can still access the settings from each module, but this may change in a future release.


The permissions setup from all modules (Task/User/Person/etc) have been moved to the Setup module. The permissions are the same, but they are now available in the same place.

You can still access the permissions from each module, but this may change in a future release.

Import extension of questionaires

The export,import of questionaires, now includes the skip questions behavior.

Hide map

In the Task module, and in CRM and the Equipment module and the Project module, it is now possible to hide the map that usually takes up the top of the screen.

There is a "hide map" button on the map; when you click on it the map disappears and a "show map" button appears. Microbizz remembers each user's choice.

Google analytics

Users receive tracking marks on the Extranet site where they use Microbizz forms. The GTM-code is the GTM-key as entered by the user. If the GTM key is empty, no extra output should be made.
We've added corresponding javascript code witjh Google Analytics - Global site tag (gtag.js).  If no Google Analytics code is entered, then no extra output should be made.

Read more about google analytics here: Read more here:

Update filters

We've had to remove a few integration-related fields from the CRM update filters. There were fields that were set by the integration and so it made no sense to allow the update filters to adjust them.

Integration errors

The list of integration errors and warnings have been updated with a filtering option.

Invoice errors

It is now possible to clear the errors from invoices, this is done on the invoice search page:

Draft functionality

Now, when sending mails in the support ticket module. It's possible to load a draft. It get's visible in the bottom corner of the mail popup next to send. To triggered by writing in the mail. Images are also saved.

Latest invoices

The Invoices module now displays a list of the latest invoices that you have viewed.

Check in and closing of dailysheet restrictions

If users are checked in, they can't close their dailysheet of the day which they are checked in on until they check out.

Additionally, if their daily sheet is closed, they can't check in for that day.

Hide closed tasks in CRM option is now saved

If the user chooses to hide the closed tasks or not, the choice will be saved so the user won't have to redo it later.

Global search

It is now possible to configure which fields are considered when using the "global search". This is done in the settings for the start page module.

Change task attachment

When you change the attachment of a task, i.e. company, you will be asked where from the task the EAN number should be taken: if it should not be changed, if it should be taken from the company, or if it should be cleared.


The Economic integration now has an option to not synchronize debitors.

Four new API calls

GetTodosByCustomerID - this will pick up tasks by customerid.

GetTodosByRequisition - this will get tasks by requisition.

GetTodosByEAN - this will get tasks by EAN.

UpdateBudgetByTodoID -  will let you change the budget amounts of a given task.

GPS tracking on tasks and tickets will now trigger properly

Keep aware that GPS tracking will depend on a setting in the setup module.

New permissions added for product use in tasks

Search and Create now have two different permissions instead of sharing one.

Sum of numbers in task tables

There is a portion of columns that will get summarised in task search, task filter search, filter tests and on start pages. 

Separate buttons for completing current / selected warning(s) in the Reminder module

The actions are no longer accessible with the pencil, but are instead placed as buttons above the list of warnings (if any).

App/API renaming

Some settings that related to app and/or API have been renamed to clarify this.

Improvement for calendar appointments in Form actions

Action for creating calendar appointments when assigning username in form will now also look for mail address if name cannot be found.

Restriction for reserving equipment types for a task

New restriction option to allow / prevent users to reserve specific types of equipment when creating / editing a task.

Notification static change

Removal of static notification for the user responsible whenever a ticket gets updated:

Now Tooltip settings improved

Removal of static notification and new selectable notifications for their change.

Project search colour coding

The project search function has been extended with various ways of colour coding the projects in the Gantt diagram. This only applies to the Gantt diagram showing the search result.

Local forms

Some of our customers have hundreds of question forms, and it can be difficult to keep track of which forms are outdated and which are still being used. To reduce the number of forms in the list of forms in the Setup module, it is now possible to have local forms: when you setup forms for closing and creating tasks and checking out, as well as for creating companies, and for servicing equipment, you may select to create a local form. Normally you would first create the form in the Setup module and then select the form, but now you can just click on the green pencil icon to create a new, local form. F.ex. when setting up forms for when a company is created:

The local form can be filled in by the users in exactly the same way as any other form, and the completed answers can be viewed just like any other answer, but the form does not appear in the list of forms in the Setup module.

When you create a local form you will be asked if you want to copy an existing form, or convert an existing form into a local form.

Bracket handling

You are no longer allowed to bracket names, CRM names, todo names and usernames.

No longer auto opening when searching

This have been an issue for many costumers. We have decided for consistency that it will be a general solution, as many users will end in a situation where they just wanted to see the columns and not open the tasks.

Actions in Reminder module

Creating actions in the Reminder module has changed a bit, so that you first have to select which module the action should affect, and then fill in the rest of the information.

New restriction for start pages 

The restriction "Edit content on startpages" is now available instead of only letting admins edit the start pages. 

Custom fields sort

Custom fields are now sorted the same way the tab-behavior goes through the html.

Form export and import extension

Form imports and exports now include the option to skip questions. Old imports will still work without question skipping.

Video embedding

Links of YouTube and Loom videos will now be embedded in tasks and notes. Note that not all videos are compatible with embedding.

Saved input field

Invoice action /sys/sales/contract/accept/ is now saved.

PDF template creation

When creating a new PDF template you now get a "Save and edit"-button which will save the new PDF template, and then open the PDF template field editing window.

Equipment service PDF name

During setup of equipment service, it is now possible to specify the name of the PDF file that will be generated. The following fields in the name will be replaced: %servicetype%, %toolid%, %toolname%, %toolcode%, %date%, %time%, %datetime%, %userid%.

Report mail subject

You may now specify the subject to use when sending report mails.

Start date / end date

There are lots of places where you specify a start date and an end date, for example when searching for tasks. Microbizz now complains if you specify a start date that is after the end date.

Extra fields for ticket stamkort

Two new fields are added to the ticket card: 

  • Source of the inquiry i.e. Manual, Form, Mail or not defined
  • Support contact and Microbizz license

Multi-update master in the Equipment module

Now the client has a great opportunity to update the Master for all marked fields in the table in "/sys/tools/config/groups", which greatly simplifies the work. It is enough to mark the desired fields in the table and click the "Update master" button. A form will be called, where the user can optionally specify what is needed for the selected fields:

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