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Bugs fixes & improvements

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Changes from to

  • #19588 - For customers testing Planning+, the tooltip for users now displays correctly

  • #31552 - We have fixed an issue where icons for column groups did not get reflected in the app

  • #31536 - We have fixed an issue in GetTodosByLastChange that resulted in users still being able to view tasks that they did not have access to

  • #31458 - We have fixed an issue where pictures wasn’t inserted in PDF’s when completing a form

  • #31186 GetlSubscriptionsByLastChange now returns all task id’s in an array

  • #31508 - We have fixed an issue on the extranet where the language automatically changed when logging in

Changes from to

  • #31466 - We fixed an issue that resulted in not being able to rename files if the filetype was writtin with capitcal letters, example: Picture1.JPG

  • #31463 We fixed an issue that did not send image categories to the app, which resulted in the user not being able to select any image categories when uploading a picture to a form

  • #31472 - We have fixed an visible error in the planning module which made a darker task status unreadable, as the text was not converted to the right color

  • #31390 - We fixed an issue when editing product use, where tabbing in the different fields like cost price, etc. would remove the price

  • #31392 - We have fixed some issues in Extranet version 2 (Alpha version) which navigated the users to a dead link.

  • #31186 - We have introduced a new API call “GetlSubscriptionsByLastChange” which returnes all subscriptions for a specific date

  • #31462 - We have fixed an issue which was reflected in the app where the custom fields (One of many (With index)” did not show the correct value

  • #31496 - We have fixed an issue where we could only update 20 products at the time from E-conomic where all other changes was lost

  • #19566 . For plug-in developers: A new event event_person_customer_relation have been added, which listens every time a person is getting attached to a company

  • #31443 - For plug-in developers: Plug-ins can now call CloseRegistrationByDate andclose registrations

  • #19580 - A new API call “UpdateIndividualPricesByCustomerID” have been added, which allows you to update individual prices on a customer

  • #19582 - The form action “Create PDF” have been updated so that it can now generate a PDF with the following name; Action title - date - task#

  • #31348 - We have fixed an issue that resulted in tasks that was marked as private, was not shown for additional employees on the task

Changes from to

  • #31367 - When attaching a PDF to a quotation, we have made it more clear, as it was not visible that there was a PDF attached to the quotation

  • #31321 - We have made a change so if a form have been completed in relation to closing the task, if a new closing form is filled out on the same task, the date for when the form have been completed will also be updated to reflect the correct date

  • #19483 - When copying product use when creating a task, the product use will now be marked as “Waiting” so its possible to invoice again

Changes from to

  • #31272 - We have fixed an issue resulting in reminders being sent out once every day, instead of the time it is configured to

  • #31328 - Its now possible to generate a PDF when the QR code is configured in the line format in the equipment module

  • #31298 - We have fixed an issue in the kiosk view that didnt show all calendar appointments on a day

  • #31348 - We have fixed an issue that resulted in tasks that was marked as private, was not shown for additional employees on the task

  • #31415 - We have fixed an issue that resulted in custom registrations not being deleted correctly from the app

  • #31326- We have introduced a system parameter named form-pdf-imagesize which can be set to “large" to include better quality pictures in PDF when inserted from a form

  • #31426 - We have fixed an issue that resulted in the activity log on a project could crash and dont show anything

Changes from to

  • #31335 - We have fixed an issue where custom registrations costprices could be calculated incorrectly. We also made sure to include it in the salary export from the user module

  • #31177 - We have updated GetWOrkPlanForDate to ensure ID, CreateDate, CreateTime, ChangeTime is included

  • #31193 - We have fixed an issue where a filter based on custom fields could show the wrong results if the custom field was of the type “number”

  • #30899 - We have fixed an issue when copying a invoice, we would not send the correct information to E-conomic which resulted in E-conomic showing fewer invoice lines that supposed to

  • #31214 - We have fixed an issue with GetTodosByCustomerID so ignoreclosed is now respected and is returning the correct results

  • #31301 - We have fixed an issue in the app when filling out forms that resulted in questions missing

  • #31316 - We have fixed an issue which resulted in EDI’s being transfered to E-conomic without the correct name

  • #31370 - We have fixed an issue resulting in EDI’s not getting imported

  • #19154 - We have made an adjustments which stops Microbizz from sending multiple mails when deactivating a user

  • #19393 - We are introducing a new API call GetParentCustomers which allows you to find all parent customers to a subcompany

  • #31303 - We have removed the option to show a standard report on the start page, as it was not intended to be shown

Changes from to

  • #31110 - We fixed an issue that resulted in when importing task repetitions, days to deadline would not be set

  • #31242 - We have fixed an issue that resulted in files generated from forms could be created without a name

  • #19484 - When filtering question forms in the report module with a filter, it would always show the same result. The search will now show the correct results when using af filter

  • #19482 - We have expanded the todo-object when using API calls, to include invoiceperiod, so its possible to read / write to this field

  • #31252, #31262 - we fixed a bug that resulted in Image location not returning any pictures when searching

  • #19393 - We have introduced a new API call: GetParentCustomers that returns which company a sub-company belongs to

  • #31241 - Its now possible to export individual work area prices on companies and also import them

  • #19470- CloseRegistrationsByDate now have the option to specify a specific user, which allows only to close worksheet for that user

  • #31214 - We fixed an issue in GetTodosByCustomerID that didnt allow to ignore closed tasks

  • #31219 - We fixed an issue when importing mails with very specific HTML tags, could stop the job from continuing importing mails

  • #30899 - We have fixed an issue that resulted in not synchronizing all invoice lines to E-conomic, when copying lines from another invoice

  • For plug-in developers:

    • #19451 - We have added the event event_registration_day_change that allows you to listen for when a worksheet is created / edited


Changes from to

  • #31121 - We have fixed an issue where prospects in the API and APP was showing, even though it was configured not to be shown

  • #19441 - We have optimized our search for tasks, if you have a lot of tasks, and use policy to reduce how many tasks your users can see, it will now be a lot faster to search

  • #19440 - Expression (New syntax) which is a subtype to custom fields have been disabled by default, as it still in alpha and can be unstable. It can be enabled by activating the system parameter customfield_expression_newsyntax = 1

Changes from to

  • #31037 - When generating a PDF from a quotation, prices could be different (lower than expected) based on which configuration the master had (when the field “price” was used in the line format). We now calculate based on 2 decimals

  • #31079 - We have fixed an issue that deleted all information on a startpage if you changed it from global to private

  • #31046 - If trying to view a report with lot of data, we used to give an warning that the report should be downloaded as it can not be seen in the browser. We now give the warning and the option to view the report.

  • #31060 - We have fixed an issue that didnt allow to multiedit custom fields on customers

  • #31089 - Planning+ now shows repeating appointments on the right dates

  • #31119 - Sorting through subtasks on a project now remember the sorting you have chosen

  • #31134 - When using HTML editor on tasks, mails that contains the description now shows Æ Ø Å correctly

  • #30717 - GetSelectedAnswers is expanded with startdate and enddate so you can narrow which question forms answers should be returned

  • #31063 - We have renamed the permission “Delete invoice lines” to “Delete product use” in the task module, to make it more convenient

  • #30758 - When using the functionality “Translations” which allows you to translate Microbizz as a whole, it now works in the app also, so you can translate forms to other languages etc.

  • #30901 - When updating the unit on product use, its now handled correctly, instead of setting it to 0

  • #31156 - It is now possible to restore an deleted task with related plannings, etc. It can be found in “Data adjust” in the system module with the name “Restore deleted tasks”

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