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Requires your attention for the January release

Sometimes, its necessary to change Microbizz in a way that require you as a customer to be aware for potential changes to your workflow.  Every change in this category will be in the list below.


Question form restrictions

Microbizz is now more strict when it comes to permissions for accessing question forms. You can no longer see answers for a form if you do not have permission to access the form. This also applies to the form statistics in the Report module.

The result can be that your users suddenly can't see the forms they are used to. In that case you need to grant them access to the form. There is a permission "View all question answers" that can be enabled to avoid this.

For a few number of customers, this behaviour can be undesirable. In that case, you can overwrite it for some users by going to the system-module and granting these users the "View all question answers". This will allow these users to view all question answers no matter the other permissions.

Budget on projects

We fixed a issue that resulting in the possibility of the same budget being displayed twice in the BUDGET tab in the task module on a project.

Report access

We've fixed a bug which allowed users to access reports via the start pages, even though they didn't have access to that report.

The result can be that your users suddenly cannot access some reports from the start page. In that case you need to grant them access to the report.

Task module

Task restrictions - new default value

This is only relevant if you use the new route planning module. When creating a new task, be aware that the default planning restriction is now "Monday - Friday" where it used to be "Monday - Sunday", as the former is more natural for most customers.

API changes - no more adding products to closed tasks

It is no longer possible to add product use to a closed task using the API. This affects the API calls AddProductUse and CreateUpdateProductUse.

The API call AddProductUseFromEDI will follow the system policy for adding lines from an EDI, so if you allow EDI lines to be added to closed task, this API call will still function.

The result can be that your external application now will get an error message if you try to add products to a closed task. 


The subcontractor mails no longer show the task description in bold.

Sales module

Subscriptions on quotations

We've made changes to the way quotations handle lines that are subscriptions. These kind of lines now only create a subscription, previously they would also create a product use (or similar). The price of the subscription is now taken from the price of the line, instead of being a separate field in the subscription setup window.

As a result of this, if you would both like a product and a subscription on your quotation you need to divide it on two lines. On the other hand, you can now have quotation that only includes subscriptions without having to include a "dummy" product.

Sales lines

To make Microbizz more consistent, we have moved adding or editing of product lines on a quatation to its own tab. This means that you no longer need to edit the quatation itself to edit or add products.

Permission for master budget

There is a new permission that controls access to master budget.

Support module

Ticket subscriber

The ticket module has been upgraded to allow subscribers on a ticket. The ticket subscribers automatically become subscribers on any note written on the ticket.

The result can be that ticket handlers becomes subscribed to more tickets than before and therefore receives more messages. This have been requested by several customers.

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