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Requires your actions for the february release

Unfortunately, its sometimes necessary to change Microbizz in a way that require you as a customer to be aware of changes to your workflow. Every change in this category will be in the list below.

Adjusted cost price calculations

We are making a change in how we are calculating cost prices on tasks. This is only relevant for a small subset of our customers and only relevant if you have configured an individual cost price for your employee, and only if that cost price has been set to zero at some point and changed to something else at another point in time.

In the previous version of Microbizz, if the employee had registered some hours at a zero cost price and the cost price of this employee later was set, then these zero cost hour registrations would also be calculated with the new cost price.

What should i do as a customer?

You need to be aware that we have changed this behavior, so we no longer replaces the cost price. If hours are registered with a zero cost price, they will stay with a zero cost price, even if the cost price for the employee is set later on. New hours will of course be registered with the new cost price.

New type of field for question forms

Forms have been extended with a new type called "Document" which allows a file to be added to the form answer; there was another type that could add a file, this have been renamed to "Picture" and only allows image files.

What should i do as a customer?

This requires that you update your forms so you can still add the type of documents that is nessecary for you

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