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New features for the June release

Take a look at what we've been building for the last few months 🙂

New features from Innovate

Global favourite products

It is now possible to mark products as "global favourites"; this is done in the product catalogue in the System module.

When you create a new user the user will inherit the global favourites; you may also copy the global favourites to all users - there is a button for that in the product catalogue.

There is a new permission that is required for access to the global favourites.

Improvements to product use tab

When adding product use to a task, you can search the product catalogue. This search function has been extended to include a "Advanced search" function, which also allows you to search custom fields and product groups and to use a filter.

More responsive design for product use search tab

When adding product use to a task, you can search the product catalogue. This search function is now more responsive for better usability.

Improvements to multi edit product use

It is now possible now to change how many product uses have been used for the marked product use lines.

This can be accessed in the "Product use" tab, in the task and project modules, using the Change button.


There as been a number of improvements to the TODAY screen in the Start module.

You may now select which team and which date to display, and you may select colour coding of the plannings that are displayed.

Person customfield

It is now possible to have custom fields that refer to a person.

Project overview tab

The details page in the Project module now has a OVERVIEW tab, which is just like a startpage. You can add infoboxes to the pages, but currently it is very limited which infoboxes are available.

Export individuel prices

There is now an export filter for individual prices.

Permissions in the Report module

The various features in the Report module can now be controlled by permissions. You can also have permissions for each report.


Forms in the System module

When adding fields to a form, you will now have the possibility to add "Required" to all types.

Bluegarden salary export 

The Bluegarden salary export now has a option to select date format; for most customers this should just be ignored.

Sort form actions

It is now possible to sort the action for a question form, so that they are executed in whatever order ou want. Be careful with this, as some actions depend on other actions having executed first.


The policy editing has been consolidated so that it is now done in the same place for all modules. It should not have much impact on the use of Microbizz, except that you now don't have to switch to another module to edit the policies.

Fee strategy

Invoice fees can now have a "strategy" which determines if the fee is added once per invoice, or once per task.

Edit others notes

In the last release we removed the possibility of editing notes that had been created by others. By popular demand we have reintroduced that possibility, but if you hold the mouse pointer over the "Edited" field you can now see who has edited the note, and when.

Project Type has only relevant Project Status

When changing Project Type in a Project,  only the relevant Project Status will be available.

Correct format of various fields

Several different types of fields now display a tooltip describing the correct format of the values, f.ex. duration fields, time fields and address fields. There are a few fields here and that do not yet support this.

New invoice period

The invoice periods for tasks have been extended with a 4 month period.

Changes to the field for selecting a user

When you type part of a name into a user field (f.ex. the resposible field on a task) and then select one of the suggested match, Microbizz will now lock the field so that you cannot type any more. 

You cannot type in the field until you click on the red close icon.

PDF containing QR codes

From the product use tab on a task you may now create a PDF contain QR codes for the selected product use. This is done from the Change button.

The list of available PDF formats are the same as in the product catalogue and in the Equipment module. The list of formats has been extended with a few new formats, including "Europe E100" and "Europe E100 with photos"; the latter includes photos of the products.


It is possible to import exchange rates from a provider, and use these in various places in Microbizz. This is still in the very early stages, and has to be enabled by Ventu.


It is now possible to auto accept tasks on innovate.

Notes for extranet

When a task is set to show on extranet. Notes will no longer have a default as show on extranet as it seems to give users issues where they posted private stuff in public.

New api call

GetAllRegistrationsByDateRange will return all the needed registrations between a startdate and an enddate

Task projects

When looking at the Projects of a Task, you can now choose to  refine the list - by choosing the "open projects" or "All projects".

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