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Q2 - 2020

Change requests

Update filters in the equipment module 

It is now possible to use your update filters in the equipment module search page

Update filters

Addition to the message system

We are constantly working to improve the messaging system and this update includes the following improvements:

  • It is now possible to send a message to a team.
  • It is now also possible to create your own “group which you can maintain by adding or removing users, and you can name it.
  • It is no longer possible to send a blank message.
  • An attached file will no longer be sent automatically.
  • You can now attach a message when sending a file.

Multi editing of plans

We have now made it possible to multimark plans in the GANTT view.

The following combination will allow a multi-mark:

  • CTRL + left click
  • “Select day” which will automatically mark all schedules on the given day

message system

When this selection is made, you will be greeted by the following options:

message system

  • “Delete Production” will delete all the selected schedules
  • “Plan route” allows you to plan the marked plans for an employee by making an optimal route
    • This was also possible in the past, but now you can choose schedules from different users and days, which can then be gathered with one user
  • “Add User” allows you to add a user further to the selected schedules
  • Request confirmation will request an SMS confirmation for the scheduled users.

Termination of agreement must provide a choice of mailing

When you cancel a calendar appointment from Microbizz, this has so far – always resulted in an email informing participants that the calendar agreement was cancelled.

In the future, you will be met by a pop-up window where you can decide for yourself whether or not this should happen.

Addition to GDPR

GDPR features have now been implemented, as you know it from the rest of Microbizz for the following modules:

  • Task module
  • Process module

In addition, you can now also see when the GDPR will take effect on the CRM object itself.

Import/export of ”conditions order” in CRM

It is possible to import ”Conditions order” via import filters.

Changing the order of multi service

We have adjusted the order of multi-editing of equipment before service, as follows:

  • Service performed
  • One or more fields on the equipment are updated

In the future, the following will happen:

  • One or more fields on the equipment are updated
  • Service is performed

Ability to see budget if you are not a team leader

Since the right to see the “Budget” tab in the sales module was previously linked to whether you were a team leader and at the same time had access to the “Budget” right, we have now added a new right.

Before, it was as follows: Only a team leader could see the budget of his team, and only if he or she had the budget right

Now it is as follows: Everyone with the right “Budget” can see the budget. In addition, a right has been added to edit the budget, which is as a starting point for the team leader.

Adjustment to form layout

If you used jumps in a form with layout, you would find that you have larger empty areas which could be disruptive to the actual filling.

It is now adjusted so it seems more natural.

Equipment task association

We have, as desired, corrected in the equipment display of which tasks are associated.

Previously, the app showed all the tasks a piece of equipment had ever been associated with.

In the future, the app will display the tasks currently associated with.

Description field appears incorrectly in layout

We have consolidated our layout function as several fields that could be included in the layout were not displayed on the extranet.

Automatic recording of time using full days

If you previously used the “Full days” of the scheduling module in connection with users that are set up so that Microbizz automatically records time based on users’ work week, this would not occur.

A setting has now been implemented in the “Timer module” that allows this.

automatisk tidsregistrering

Correction to ”Fixed dates” warnings

We have fixed the function “service” on equipment with the service type “Fixed dates”. Now the next service date is moved in a more correct way, so that service can be performed for a future period within the specified “warning period” and the closest service is marked as done.

New Exchange connection warning

Using Exchange, a user-level indication will be presented in the future showing the status of the connection.

exchange connection warning

Date for payroll and multiple categories

Enhancements to payroll functionality in Microbizz:

  • We have added 6 additional category filters to pay models.
  • Payroll codes now respect the selected type.

Search in tickets in the global search bar

It is now possible to find tickets via the global search bar.

Maximum length on customer number

Microbizz now respects that integration can have a digit number restriction in the customer number. Previously, this has not been supported, which could result in missing synchronization with the integration.

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