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Requires your attention for the Juni release

Sometimes, its necessary to change Microbizz in a way that require you as a customer to be aware for potential changes to your workflow.  Every change in this category will be in the list below.


Previously there were a lot of menu items that required you to be administrator in order to access the items. There are now permissions for these - all the new permissions default to no access.

Extranet: Login, Design, Google. Invoice: EDI settings, Data, Export method, Depot export, Discounts, Line extraction. Workplan: Statistics, Types, Holiday. Equipment: Invoice, Service agreements. Proces: Fields. Calendar: Types, Resource editing, Filters, Fields.

We've also added permissions for the iCal and Resource overview item in the Calendar module.

Drive routes

The drive routes have been removed from the Drive module.

Task statuses

When you edit a task status that is in use, Microbizz will now limit which of the task status settings you may change, in order to prevent any task from ending up in an invalid state.

Reassign hours

When reassigning hours sick time was added at 8:00, it is now added at the start of the user’s static work week.


We’ve had some problems with the tables that are used throughout Microbizz: the filter field and the “Select all” button and the select all checkbox have been causing problems for each other.

For that reason we have been forced to make a change, so that all selected rows are deselected when you type anything in the filter field:


The field “Standard invoice text” is now required, as some integrations require it.

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