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New features for the September 2023 release

Take a look at what we've been building for the last few months 🙂


Users in on-location is now sorted alphabetically


API changes

A new API call GetProjectsByField is now available.

A new API call GetTodosByFilterID is now available.


Copy tasks

When copying a task from the task details page, and when copying multiple tasks from the task search page, you are now given the option to copy some of the data that relates to the source task.

Equipment is copied by copying the attachment between the task and the any equipment.

Copy files

It’s now possible to copy files from one task to another task or from a task to a customer etc.

Mark a file and right click to bring up the menu

Choose the module where you want to copy the file to

Search for the company and click save

Task templates

Its now possible to calculate a start date for the tasks getting created, when using a template

To use this, start by filling out the “Days to start” field, find when creating / editing a task template

Example: If “Days to start” is set to 10, and you choose the start date “21-08-2023” then 10 days will be added, and therefore, the start date will be “31-08-2023”

If “Days to start” is empty, then the start date will simply be the date that you choose.


It’s now possible to apply competences when creating a task template:

We also expanded the check of competences in the following places:

  • When auto planning a task

  • When using route planning

  • In Project module activity tab

  • When replanning in the planning module

  • When suggesting planning for repeating tasks

  • When using a task template

  • When saving and planning a task

Product use

When changing product use, we have expanded the information we track, and now include:

  • Product name

  • Product number

  • Count

  • Price

  • Cost price

  • Discount

  • "Is invoiced"

Equipment tab

When creating a new equipment from the EQUIPMENT tab on a task you may now specify a responsible for the equipment.



When creating an customer using “Create through CVR” and using e-conomic, we now use the customer number series from E-conomic instead of Microbizz own, to keep it consistent.


If a company has sub-companies the TASKS tab includes a selector for which sub-company to display. This has been extended with a “(all companies)” option.


When generating a larger report, you will now get notified when its ready

Report T33

We made a new report that gives you details of product use and hours that a user have decided not to invoice, even though it could have been invoiced


It’s now possible for each user to invidually activate our new design

To start using the new design, navigate to your own user profile → My set. and mark “Use new UI”


Invoicing multiple

When invoicing multiple invoices, we now warn you if there are any missing fields that is required before sending the invoices

An example could be this, where the EAN no. is missing

Display of bounced mail

When an invoice mail bounces (cannot be delivered) we now display the bounce warning in a nicer way; if you click on the warning it will expand and show the full warning.


It’s now possible to move the plan column as you like, while it have gotten a new name: Drag to plan


Update filters

It’s now possible to adjust the customer name through an update filter

Import filters

The “Type” column in import filters now display a more meaningful type description for customers, users, teams and more. Instead of saying “ID of User” it now says “User” which is more correct as the user is specified by name, not by ID.


When using a form to update an custom field with the type “Icon with link” we now mark the custom field as enabled as default, so it isn’t nessary to enable the custom field by editing the task etc. and enable it yourself.

New System Parameter

A new option called hide_microbizz_help_links in system parameters allows to hide links to Micropedia from the help options.

New form action

There is a new form action for requesting another form.



We have reintroduced a feature that was (partly) disabled 9 years ago. When searching for campaigns in SALES > CAMPAIGNS > COMPANIES you can now search based on whether the companies have previous accepted a quotation that included a specific product.



Previous the filter editing was limited in the way that if you wanted to use the condition “is one of” on a field that referred to an object (task, workarea, company etc), and you had more than 300 of that type of object, the condition would just not be available. The limitation has been removed, but please notice that the filter UI changes depending on whether you are fewer than 300 objects or more than 300.

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