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New features for the January 2024 release

Take a look at what we've been building for the last few months 🙂


New feature from Innovate

Custom budget period

You can now choose to see the budget from a custom time period.

Transfer responsibility

You can now “transfer responsibility” from the main task list, which will change the task responsible, reassign all future planning and change responsible on each repetition.


New feature from Innovate

New custom registration type

Custom registrations have precious had the following options:

  • Number

  • Checkbox

  • Menu

It have now been expanded with a new option: Time

This is gives you the opportunity to write in hours instead of minutes

This means, if you write 2, this will be converted to 2 hours, or 120 minutes.

Question forms

New feature from Innovate

Request another form

A new action have been added to forms which makes it possible to request a form, when answering a form, and also attach this requested from to a object, like a company.

Register time in hours

For the “Add hours registration to task” action it is now possible to indicate that time should be in hours instead of minutes

Custom product name

When using the action “Add product use” we have added “Fetch product name from” which allow you to overwrite the product name with names from the form

Pick workarea from task

The action “Add hours registration to task” can now automatically pick the workarea from the task that the form have been filled out on


New feature from Innovate

Status is selected (first time)

Its now possible to make a action for tasks when a status have been chosen for the first time, This will not apply to tasks that have previous had the same status

Task is open (Daily)

You can now create an action for tasks that are open, to get a overview of unfinished tasks


New feature from Innovate

.jpg & .jpeg

If a picture was .jpeg instead of .jpg, it was previous not possible to view it in Microbizz without downloading. We have now made sure that .jpeg is visible inside Microbizz

When adding one product use at the time, in some scenarios, no profit would be added, before changing the budget area back and forth. It’s now added correctly to begin with

As we expand Microbizz infrastructure, the “Scheduled jobs” page have been updated, to show jobs that run on our new infrastructure

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