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New features for the September release

Take a look at what we've been building for the last few months 🙂

New features from Innovate

Importing Tasks through CSV importfilter, 

When you import  tasks, through both Text and CSV-file. It is now possible to choose both the Base Template and the Sub Template.

Changing the work plan registration for days with planning

When you change the work plan registration for a date where there are plannings, you will now be asked if you are sure you want to do this.

Locked plannnings in route planning

When having locked planning in the new route planning, the planning will now stay at the exact time also.

New algorithm in route planning

We have optimized the route planning and now you will always get the same result when planning the same data.

New features from Innovate

Closed projects

It's now possible to hide closed projects under a customer in the PROJECT tab

New features from Innovate

Recalculate prices

When you recalculate the prices for hour registrations you may now specify that you also want to recalculate the cost price.

New API call GetAllAnswersByLastChange

There is a new API call for reading all question for answers.

Locked plannings

The calendar module will now show a "locked" icon for appointments that are based on a locked planning.

New features from Innovate

Budget snapshot

The BUDGET tab on tasks now allows you to view a snapshot of todays budget.

Log project - remove Transfer log menu item

In System module menu, under admin tab we have remove the shortcus to Transfer log. It can still be found under log menu item.

Log project - reset before each search

When searching for logs, we improved the log by removing the former error message. So that you should not confused about if its the current result.

Log project - when searching Object ID should not be required

When searching for logs, the input field "Object ID" is now  not required.

Log project - adding logtypes

When searching for logs, we have added a "logtype" choice so that user easy can find correct logs.

Log project - Updating the documentation

We have updated the descriptions of the difference logtypes, so that it is easier to find what you are looking for.

Log project - Loglevels

We have changed the way Loglevels are working. Now when you search for a specific Loglevel your will only get results with this level.

Accepting quotations

When you accept a quotation and create a task it is now logged in the activity log for the task.

Data usage

The Report module now has a page which shows the amount of data that has been sent and received from the apps in the last few days. This is mainly a diagnostic tool for Ventu.

Project sums

When listing project (on start pages or in project search) there are now total sums on the price field.

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