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Q1 - 2020

Change requests

Tooltip upgrade

Following the update of our tooltip, this has also now been implemented in the following locations:

  • On offer
  • Under ‘Files’ in tasks

New standard item consumption feature

Another change we have made is to add the item consumption feature under tasks. Previously, the options when you needed to add items to a task were as follows:

Vareforbrug 1

Adding items was done one product at a time and there was a lot of information that needed to be gone through.

Now, the item consumption feature is shown as a shopping basket, which you can easily add items to.

Vareforbrug 2

Select ‘add product’ and a shopping basket will pop up, where you add items by clicking on the products that appear in your search.

Vareforbrug 3

The red minus on the left subtracts from the amount, the green plus increases it and you can also simply enter the amount yourself in the field.

You remove an item line by clicking on the red x.

If you click on a field in the item line additional information will pop up, which you can edit if you have access to this.

Vareforbrug 4

Vareforbrug 5

Another new option is the ability to manage which fields should be editable.

In the task module under Settings > General > Invoicing and item consumption, you can select which fields should be editable.

Vareforbrug 6

When you then click on the individual item in the shopping basket and additional information pops up, the non-editable fields are shown in grey to indicate that this field cannot be edited.

Another feature that we have added is the option to add favourites. Click on the little star in the product list to add a product to your favourites.

Vareforbrug 7

Next time you need to add products, your favorites will show up first.

Vareforbrug 8

Calculating invoices in visible decimals

As Microbizz previously calculated invoices to multiple decimal places throughout the system, the calculation of rounded-up figures could produce a skewed total price.

Previous examples:

Total price: 1,502.83

The basis for this was these 2 amounts:


This was because Microbizz calculated with multiple decimal places throughout the system but then displayed the individual sub-result to 2 decimal places. This meant that differently rounded-up figures could appear in different places.

Addition of warnings when you leave the create/editing window without saving first

Previously, the system did not always issue a warning should you be about to leave the system without having saved first. Warnings were introduced primarily in connection with the creation or modification of a task. We have now chosen to introduce this feature elsewhere in the system, where relevant.

Warnings have been introduced in the following locations:

Task module

At project creation/editing

At implement template/from template

CRM module

Create via CVR

Person module

Create person/edit person

Calendar module

Create new calendar appointment

Equipment module

Creation of new equipment

Reminders module

Creation of new reminders

Creation of new action/event

Sales module

Creation of new call-out

Creation of new offer

PDF forms can now be saved automatically by company

When filling out forms for a task and saving them in PDF format, it was not previously possible to attach the PDFs to the company that the task was carried out for. This has now been made possible.

When you create the PDF action, then select ‘Save a PDF copy to folder’ and give the customer folder a name. By using this feature, any PDFs filled out for tasks will now also be stored together in a folder attached to the company.


More display options for email fields

When sending an email to a subcontractor, it was not previously possible to deselect fields. It is now possible to select or deselect multiple fields.

Felter underleverandører

Equipment in list view with option for map view and task creation

In the list view in the equipment module, it is now possible to highlight x number of pieces of equipment and select map view for the selected equipment. This provides a geographical overview of your equipment.

Highlight the equipment you wish to select from the list, select the pencil icon at the top and then map view in the dropdown menu.

Udstyr kort 1

It is also possible to create tasks directly from map view. Select ‘change’ and then ‘new task’ in the dropdown menu.

Udstyr kort 2

Set up meetings with multiple participants – expanded form action

While it has long been possible to perform actions that created an appointment after filling out a form, it has not been possible to add other participants than oneself. This has now been enabled.

Aftaler - aktioner

Invoicing subscribers outside of the normal invoicing period

Customers who need to invoice for subscriptions outside of the normal invoicing periods now have the option to do so. Select those subscriptions for which invoices have been requested from the list.


Abonnement fakturering

Abonnement fakturering

The subscriptions are invoiced from the current date rather than the original invoice date. Should the subscription run for one month, for example, then the subscription’s next invoice date would be one month from the day when the subscription was invoiced.

Approval of EDI invoices over a certain amount

It is now possible to demand approval of EDI invoices over a certain amount. Select approval phases in the invoice module > settings > EDI

EDI godkendelse

If this phase does not exist, then create an EDI approval phase.

EDI godkendelse 1

It is now also possible to set a limit without it being necessary to set a max. value.  If you do not set a max. value then the limit will apply from the entered amount and everything above this.

This feature also supports EDI filters.

NB: Currently, only the condition ‘Amount incl. VAT’ functions with phases.

EDI godkendelse 2

Improved functionality when multi-editing in the Plan Module

There was previously a discrepancy in the Plan Module’s multi-edit feature that meant that selections that did not correspond to ‘work’ or ‘out of house’ produced a sick leave registration.

Plan mulitedit

This has now been corrected so that the selections you make in multi-edit result in a logical internal registration in Microbizz.

Email addresses of subcontractors during task creation

We have made task creation more user-friendly in relation to subcontractors’ email addresses. Previously, it was not possible to see which email the task would be sent to. Similarly, there was no option to add more recipients. Both options are now possible.

Email underleverandører

The subcontractor’s standard email address is now displayed and marked in grey to make it clear that it cannot be changed. Below this, it is now possible to add additional recipients.

Clear display of team members at task creation

We have made it easier to select the correct users when creating a task. Once you have selected a team and need to choose a user, members of the selected team are displayed at the top in a special category with the team name as heading.

Team medlemmer 1

Team medlemmer 2

Direct form fill-out without object search

You can now fill out forms in Microbizz without having to find the corresponding object. In the start module under forms, a new option is now available: Fill out form.

Udfyld skema 1

When you select fill out form, you need to select the module and the object module it is attached to. So for example there will be tasks in the task module and equipment in the equipment module, etc. You then select a form and can fill this out directly without having to find the form under the relevant task, equipment etc.

Udfyld skema 2

Note that there are no permissions attached to the menu. It simply pops up as an option if a user has permission to fill out forms in the respective modules.

Option for price of DKK 0 in discount and profit margin system

Before, those customers who use our discount and price margin system could not use an individual price of DKK 0. We have now made sure that they can.

Rabat avance

Lock planning of tasks

While it was not previously possible to lock a specific planning, it is now. If you plan via the task, for example, you now immediately have the option to lock the planning.

Lås planlægning 1

You can also lock and unlock the planning in the planning list for the specific tasks by clicking on the pencil and selecting lock/unlock from the dropdown menu.

Lås planlægning 2

The task will be displayed with a lock under production planning if it is locked.

Lås planlægning 3

You can unlock the planning by clicking on the task and selecting ‘unlock’ from the dropdown menu.

Lås planlægning 4

You can also see which tasks are locked under route planning.

Lås planlægning 5

Optional planning view and changes in a new display

The update of our new planning module, which was implemented in our Q4 2019 release, has apparently not been able to cover all of our customers’ daily needs. We have therefore made it possible for customers to use the previous version while we work on making sure the new version can accommodate everyone’s needs.

This involves:
• scrolling in the GANTT view, as was previously possible.
• functionality of drag ‘n’ drop has been improved.
• you can now decide the GANTT size yourself.

If you ‘hover over’ the top of the menu bar under the GANTT chart, the mouse becomes an arrow icon. If you hold down the left mouse key, you can adjust the GANTT chart’s height by dragging the mouse up or down.

Gantt visning

Form actions – transfer and reuse fields from task

It is now possible to reuse fields from one task to another using an extension of our form actions. If, for example, you fill out a closure form and need to create a new task based on the response to the form, it is now possible to create a new type of task by reusing the fields from the original task.

When you want to create a new task action based on fields from the original task when the form was filled out, you can now choose which fields to include.

Genbrug felter 1

You can now choose: The same field from the object when the form was filled out.

Genbrug felter 2

This is not only an option that applies to actions for the creation of tasks, but also allows actions attached to action creation of companies and tickets.

Access to activity on a task via API

It is now possible to download an activity from a specific task via API. In order to allow this option, we have enabled a connection between log files and the API, so you can gather all activities for a task. Information is logged regularly for 14 days, so you can always trace this back 14 days in the log.

The API function name is: ‘GetTodoLogByID’ and the technical specification can be seen on our Microbizz Developer Wiki under Microbizz API.

App3.0 customising the object front pages

There are more customisation options in the new app, which will be utilised further moving forward.

In the first instance, it will be possible to select which widgets should be on the front pages of the objects.

While it is currently possible to change these, it will be easier for users to adjust these themselves with the forthcoming release. Here, we explain why.


In the image below, you can see the front page of a task in the app. Each of the boxes shown in the image is called a widget.

APP tilpasning 1

For each module, it is possible to control:

  • whether a widget should be active
  • which order it should be shown in

This is managed by accessing the ‘App’ menu found in the ‘CONFIGURE’ module on the “Settings” tab.

Here, you can see that one of the tabs is called ‘Start pages’ and that by accessing this, you can view up to 4 modules, which we can configure.

APP tilpasning 2

By clicking on ‘tasks’, for example, the following menu will be shown.

Each of the displayed bars represents a widget. Depending on the location, you can decide what should be displayed and in which order.

APP tilpasning 2

After clicking on ‘Save’, the changes enter into force across all the synchronised apps.

App 3.0 Decide which fields should appear in widgets

One or more of the displayed widgets will be configurable and contain fields from the system. These will be red.

APP widgets felter 1

The advantage of this is that it allows you to group fields from the system and display them in a way that makes sense to users of the app.

In order to adjust which fields are available for the users, you need to access the menu ‘Column groups’, which is found in the ‘CONFIGURE’ module under the tab ‘Documents’.

Here, you can see a list of possible column groups that can be edited.

The ones we are currently interested in are those with a ‘purpose’ = <Object home page>

APP widgets felter 2

By clicking on ‘Task info’, for example, you will see the following menu:

APP widgets felter 3

Her kan man afgøre:

  • Hvilke felter, der skal være synlige i denne start side widget
  • Den rækkefølge de skal have
  • Og eventuelt tildele dem et ikon

After clicking on ‘Save’, the changes enter into force across all the synchronised apps.

App 3.0 assignment of supplementary fields

When, on an everyday basis, you create/edit a supplementary field and click on ‘show in app’, a column group selector will now appear. This means that you can decide which one of the existing column groups this supplementary field should be part of.

Its location in the field will be shown last in the column group.

APP tillægsfelter 1

It will be possible directly from the supplementary fields list to access the correct column group in order to adjust the placement of the newly created field, as well as to assign an icon.

Simply click on the column group you wish to access.

APP tillægsfelter 2

The following page will then open, enabling easy access to column group setup.

APP tillægsfelter 3

Bugs & fixes

Translation error in supplementary fields synchronised with AX

We have disabled the opportunity to translate fields with the type ‘One of many (with index),’ as this could cause problems if the field was used in connection with the AX integration.

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