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Release date: 

When certain information was included from a CRM object, it could generate a corrupt PDF file. A correct PDF file is now generated in all cases.Web

When configuring mail import to use 2 factor authentication, it would constantly fail the first timeWe will now connect directly when configuring mail importWeb

When viewing project economy and excluded tasks that were invoices separately, the budget numbers from these tasks were still included in the result.The budget numbers are now excluded (as expected)Web

Access token was not updated when expiring.Access token will now get updated using the refresh token.Web

Image location project search would not include sub task images.Image location can now include subtasks for projects as a choice.Web

Invoices with mixed currencies could give error when exportingThe mixed currencies are now handledWeb

Editing a note written by another user made the note change creatorEditing an existing note no longer changes creatorWeb

When resetting the equipment search form the "active" option was set to a wrong valueThe reset button can now take a list of default values to applyWeb

Deleting a user took ages because all tasks has to be checkedTask check is now fasterWeb

Creating a project from a template could result in invalid project #The project # is cleared when the project is created from a templateWeb

Reminder actions detected incorrect change of CRM refThis was a PHP8.1 error, it has been fixed Web

Exportfilter that generated Excel didn't like ÆØÅ when char format was ISO8859We now convert from ISO8859 to UTF8 when generating the Excel fileWeb

The new IMAP library sometimes crashedWe fixed a bugWeb

The API call GetAnchorBudgetByLastChange had a few problemsWe fixed issues with a parameter and with resumekeyWeb

Too long a list of thread subscribers caused problems because of limited length of the database fieldA thread/message is now limited to approx 100 subscribersWeb

Report C20 ran out of memory for DEASWe've made version called C20DE which uses less memory and displays the result in a different wayWeb

There was no activity log about deleting time regs. for accordIt is now logged when time regs. are deleted for accordWeb

Multicheck inputs didn't work with layoutWe've made minor changes to make multicheck inputs  work with layoutWeb

When editing number series MB would sometimes display a 0 for start value when it should be emptyThe start value field is now empty if the value is 0Web

The "todoitem" API object was missing the changetime fieldThe field was added to the objectWeb

The support mail list didn't show CC emailsThe support mail list now shows CC emailsWeb

A customer experienced slow system, possibly due to locked tasksWe've prevented locks in a couple of placesWeb

Planning: When sending a SMS, error Message will show if a Template has been selected, even though a Contact Person are selected.

Now the Contact Person are recognised and SMS are getting sent.Web / app
Closing a Project, show an errormessage.It has been corrected and now Project can be closed again.Web / app

It was not posible to create any startpages under project, unless you were a admin.

Now when you can access the edit startpage, you will also be able to edit startpages in project.Web / app

Release date: 

In some cases an error would prevent background jobs from completing or make them run slowly, resulting in side effects such as PDF documents not being generated or generated at a later point than expected.The issue have been resolved.Web

In special cases the API would return to few results, without providing a resumekey to fetch the last of the results.The API now returns a resumekey to retrieve all the results.Web

Planning on users who already had lot of planning could be quite slowWe have significantly improved the speed in the planning module in some situationsWeb

Fixed issue with image location would be limited to 1000 imagesAlthough originally not a bug. it caused issues we needed to fix. We have set the amount up to 50000Web

Specific search for images in image location could give more results than wanted due to the search fields.This has been fixed.Web

Search on equipment in image search was not working. even though it was an option.It is now also working.


When marking all images in a table for view. Only the rendered images on the table were shown.This has been fixed.


The page for setting up the extranet ticket list looked wrong, a field couldn't be accessed. The page layout is initialized properlyWeb

Budget in project module sometimes includes some values twiceWe now handle the "budget only on subtasks" setting correctlyWeb

Jonas wanted a minor change to a patch, to mark new customers as prospectsThe patch was updatedWeb

File location map became grey the second time it was openedThe map is not initialised every time it is openedWeb

There were a few bugs in the new customregistrationsThe bugs have been fixedWeb

There were a bunch of inefficient handling of multicheck customfields for searchThe handling has been rewritten to use SQLWeb

In CRM editing and Ecunomic setup there are a few leftover from before the new currency featureThe old leftovers have been removedWeb

It was clumsy to deselect all currenciesThere is now a toggle all currencies on/offWeb

The FILES tab on tasks is slow when there are many tasksDB optimization: add index to the subcontractor field on tasksWeb

API GetToolType was very slow and omitted data for FKU50x speed upApp

Switching tabs on an task could cause the contents of the products tab to changeWe now prevent the repeater section in the products tab from being reinitializedWeb

Release date: 

When invoicing subscriptions nothing happened when clicking the invoice now button.This error is fixed. Clicking the button now invoices the subscription again.Web

On search using no accepted search fields in startpage for Image location an error can occourThis error is not fixed. If there are no fields accepted for a customer. Customers are just not found.Web

The backup job was run twice every dayThe job is no longer reset every night.Web

When executing certain form actions at the same time as creating a project the task ID could get mixed up We no longer try to guess which task ID will be used when creating tasks in a form actionWeb

It is difficult to find new suppurt mails when you have thousands of unread mailsThere is now a "Newer than" date field in the support inbox.Web

Mindre uhensigtmæssigheder i EDI faser"Order" er omdøbt, min/max vises ikke altidWeb

git related custon field wasn't updatedThe updating disappeared 4 months ago, its been reinstatedWeb

File sync verify showed a lot of annoying "timestamps dont match" errorsThe "timestamps dont match" errors can now be removedWeb

Empty user fields would sometimes show the locked iconThe bug was introduced 2 weeks earlier, if has been fixedWeb

Release date: 

When moving production in the full days view, and all groups selected, the display became garbled after movement, which could only be fixed by reloading the page.The display works nowWeb

Issue where not the entire list of images in imagesearch would be accessible.Now the checkboxes works like it should.Web

Problem with paging when filling in a multi-page question form on x/instantform.php The issue was fixedWeb

Some errors were not reported by the Aspect4 integrationThe errors are not reported like other errorsWeb

Inconsistencies in the permissions for functions in the FILES tabs, and missing permissions for some functionsA bit of clean up the permissionsWeb

When a jump on a form is made with old data some cases can cause the jump to access itself. This makes loading the form very slow. and it can affect loading a task with a fixed form like a close form.The self jump will now be skipped.Web

The export filter for procedures data didn't include the company nameThe export filter for procedures data has been extendedWeb

EDI phases allowed min value to be greater than max valueWe've added a check for min > maxWeb

Slow sync. to exchange when there are 1000s of appointmentsReduce delay between sync when there are more appointments waiting to be syncedWeb

The hours registration approval page could sometimes be entered in a bad "mode"Clean up the handling of the "mode" parameterWeb

Release date: 

Issue where users would not understand why a location was not shown in the formWhen there is no location, instead of just not showing the map. We are now showing the text no location.App

The report J15TB crashedPHP 8.1: adjusted code to avoid problemsWeb

Columns in image search had problems with the width.Width is now delegated to each column set when you change group.Web

Plan route in task search was slow.Speed up TSP by not looking at all possible start points.Web

Xnet list of equipment could miss some equipment due to the way MB searchesMost of the search logic has been implemented in SQLWeb

Certain Aspect4 errors were ignoredThe Aspect4 errors are reported like other integration errorsWeb

Copying of fields from quotation to task didn't always workMore special cases are now handled when copying fieldsWeb

It was possible to create tasks without customer despite setting that prohibited thisThis was fixed, also when using "Change attachment"Web

No access to a newly created question form.The access was stored in a cache, now the cache is cleared when creating a form.Web

It was not possible to remove all lines from an invoice.The problem was fixed.Web

Tables in the new design were had a fixed auto searchThis auto search is no more.

Release date: 

The app doesn't show placefolder texts for question formsMicrobizz didn't sent the info, now it sends the info but we don't know if the app handles it App

The list of forms in the task module was slow Minor changes to speed up thingsWeb

When selecting a customer whilst editing a task the customer address fields were not always updatedThis issue has been fixed.Web

When using a phone or ipad the new interface does not support touch on the menu.The menu has been given touch handlingWeb

New UI had issues with the prodplan view would fall apart when collapsing the side menu.Now when the side menu is collapsed the prodplan view is more responsive


App3 sends invalid values for yes/no form answersMB tries to compensate for the invalid valuesWeb

Columns in the image functionality search had a static behavior.Now when picking group by, the fields are changed fittingly.Web

Issue where a plugin didn't function as intended with profit rewriteProfit rewrite should not send data to the api without issues.Web

On the lunch functionality there is an unused edit button.The edit button has been hidden.Web

Routing algorithm didn't take user workday duration into accountFixed the name of an incorrectly named variable.Web

Project module calculation of progress took empty activities into accountEmpty activities are ignored when calculating progressWeb

Quotations didnt always show a link to the contact personContact person is always shown as a linkWeb

Inserting an Mdate into a hidden form field gave problemsThe Mdate is now converted to a stringWeb

When using import filter with individual prices and only price or costprice is a used field the other field becomes 0The other field now is kept if it is already set. but if it has not been set. it becomes 0Web

Log: It must be possible to select passive or active call, when selecting api-callsPassive and Active are Added in the dropdownbox of api-callsWeb

In the Tabulator. When selecting no rows, when trying to extract the elements to Excel, PDF, CSV or Print. The result was empty. test testNow all rows, will be returned. And if some elements are selected, they will be returned.Web / app

Release date:  


Fixed an issue where the planning for a user disappeared from the interface, when deleting production.This issue has been fixed.Web

Fixed an issue where Exchange gave an error about invalid IDs, if a user was converted from an old Exchange, and had never used Microbizz synchronization before.This issue has been fixed.Web

Fixed an issue where the user received an error message when inserting a "0" in the budget total, when editing a budgetThis issue has been fixed.Web

Fixed an issue where the user sometimes received an error message when saving a projectThis issue has been handled.Web

There was an issue where addresses were updated where the

in the task edit menu on the subcontractor would refresh the adress of the task also.

This issue has been handled.Web

There were a couple of problems with the 24Seven integration: one had to do with the login, the other had to do with the recent upgrade of the servers.This issue has been handled.Web

The new route planning sometimes ignored the "restrictions" setting in the profile, if it was set to "ignore".This issue has been handled.Web

There was an issue where the checkbox for the top of the image search would not function as intended.The issue has been handled.Web

Log: For searching we have added a  text and data fieldThe issue has been handled.Web

Log: We have added a description, to the text- and datafieldThe issue has been handled.Web

Log: We have removed the deamon job log from the list of logsThe issue has been handled.Web

Log: We have added a progress indicator while the search is running, and make sure that multiple searches can not be startedThe issue has been handled.Web

Log: When you click "Show data" button, we adjusted the size of the dialog to better fit the windowThe issue has been handled.Web

Log: When you have clicked search, you will now get  a support text that tells that you are not able to download, either of the User activities log or transform logThe issue has been handled.Web

When importing a import filter and the sub template is choosen to be "Choose here", then the MicroBizz will you the basetemplate

The issue has been handledWeb

Multiple errors occurred, when trying to show the list todos, at Extranet version 2The issues has been handledWeb

Release date:  


There was an error with multiedit for customers in the search menu where custom fields of numbers would be set to 0 when nothing new is typed into the field.The error has been handled locally.Web / app

Error where the search buttons

were not working in the new ui.

These buttons are now working in the new ui.Web / app

Release date:  


Its possible to close a task which have a ongoing form on itWe re-implemented the function so that its not possible to close a task with a ongoing formWeb / app

Release date:  


When saving a closing form on a task, the pictures was not savedNow the pictures is saved when uploading pictures on a form while closing a taskWeb

When you had a requested form on a task, it was not possible to close it through the appWe have made it possible to close a task through the APP / API while there are still ongoing formsAPP / API

Release date:  


not required fields such as "yes,no",  "one of many" and "radio" are still required when answering the form is still required.the fields are no longer required.Web

Imagelocation was slow.Image location is now further optimized.Web

api field theirref was missing for invoices.api field is now added.Web

Release date:  


textarea fields in forms had their parameters dissappear on a field change.textarea for forms can now have a parameter.Web

image search functionality could sometimes be really slow.image search is optimized.Web

dialog for edit in the support module was in some cases opening far down on the page.dialog will now open in the center of the screen.Web

Issue with search of projects in image searchimage search of projects is fixedWeb

On the normal planner, when dragging and dropping og plans, during the drag if you scrolled the task would vanish with the scroll.On movement of the mouse. the dragged object will now jump to the mouse.Web

Release date:  


API had an errorcode with GetColumnGroups error code gone.Web

Users could not answer threads on tasks they didnt have access too even if they were set as a's now possible.Web

Error with deleting the file after import from ftpit now deletes as intended.Web

When searching logs, the results varied depending with time of day.

Now the result are the same, all depending the specified dates.Web

Vague rejection message on missing required fields on a CreateUpdateProductUseNow like other CreateUpdate api calls there is specified which field is missing.Web

Are you sure dialogs could end up behind other dialogs in various casesAre you sure dialogs are now put in front actively.Web

Release date:  


Issue where viewing a full plan in the plan module would have a visual error where the description of colors was behind the plan tableThe description of colors is now below.Web

Release date:  




if you created new day for a user in the search for other user registration view. the view would be blocked.You can now continuously create days without that issue.Web

Dialog in front of another dialog which should be the other way around when editing pdf fieldsDialogs now appear correctly.Web

Editing maingroups were only avaliable as an administratorthis issue has been fixed with a permission for maingroups.Web

Bouncetext was unreadable due to html and \r\n instead of new lines.Bouncetext is no longer unreadableWeb

Release date:  


Calendar events would reach the app with as html.The calendar event is now plain textWeb / App

dialogs in files copy and move, would give their responses and checks behind the first dialog. causing users to have to move dialogs around.The responses and checks are now on top as intended.Web

There was an issue where it was not clear which expiration dates were related to GDPR.Now in customers, persons, users and projecs expiration of GDPR is called GDPR expiration dateWeb

Issue with creating two Question Form with same titleRemove button when committing the formWeb

When moving a production line from one task to another, it was posible to enter wrong task id.Add check to ensure that a wrong task id can not be insertet.Web

Layout broken in Planning module.Removing some unnecessary html.Web

Tabulator: Wrong order of data, when exporting to Excel or othersNow you can export to excel and it will keep the correct order.Web

Release date:  


In the Tabulator. When selecting no rows, when trying to extract the elements to Excel, PDF, CSV or Print. The result was empty.Now all rows, will be returned. And if some elements are selected, they will be returned.Web

When entering a Invoice module, normal behavior is that you start on the last entered tab. But it should be opened in Lines tab.

When entering a Invoice module, Lines tab will automatically be openedWeb
English texts would come with notifications with english base language and not english system language.This is corrected.Web

Release date:  


C5-integration: When sending a CRM object where only the "our reference" field was updated, this update wasn't saved in Microbizz.The CRM object is now updated correctly.Web

Issue where unavaliable prodplans are avaliable on the on location day map.The unavaliable prodplans will no longer be showed.Web

Issue where illegal html from emails would mess up the loaded page.Illegal html will now be removed.Web

Issue where deleting work areas and redirecting them wouldn't redirect the workareas inside Task templates.Issue is not handled.Web

Issue where no mail was recieved when cancelling a repeatable event.Cancelling repeatable calendar events, now send notifications that they are sent.Web

Issue where a new integration can  unset main groups if main groups is not set in the new integration.Main groups are now, not set by the integration if the integration doesnt have a maingroup so set.Web
Issue where the tripletable for invoices was not showing the new numbers when lines were changed.tripletable is now updated automatically when the lines are changed.Web
Issue where a special field for user images in a pdf template would just show yes or no if the user has a picture.A picture is now avaliable.Web
Issue where it was possible to move invalid invoice lines.Invoice lines are now not moved to another invoice if they are invalid.Web
Issue where select options can show behind a dialog.issue should be generally fixed.Web
Opening some projects were slow.Opening projects have been optimized.Web
Openinig the edit page for hours were slow for some users.Opening the hour page is optimized.Web
Quick delivery addresses will not show on TasksPutting correct field type on form.

Not saving permissions when many inputsNow permissions will be saved correctly.Web

Release date:  


Layer issue on a dialog when clicking get selected fields when editing fields in a document templateDialog will now come up in the front.Web

Release date:  


Invoice line validation fail with , and . for different languages at second attempt.Saving issue resolved.Web

When assigning products to tasks in task templates, you can't use decimal values in used field .
Changing datatype of itemcount to float.Web

Release date:  


Issue where too high values in Expected Inv. amount would lead to integer overflow.The bit handling the value is now much higher.Web

Error where through form actions and other means it was possible to put negative cost prices.When cost price is attempted to set to a negative number it is now set to 0.Web

Issue where productuses couldn't be changed using quickedit. when fields were invalid, without a message.Field now validates correctly. So users will know if there is an issue.Web

Issue where custom field for customer for product use showed the id and no name.Customer custom field now shows the name correctly.Web

Issue where API call GetSelectedAnswer did not get any answers when filtering on a task id.The filter is now improved.Web

Issue where assign equipment, select field, selection showed up behind.Fixed a layer issue.Web

News sent to other contracts gave to all users if there were no contact personsNews to other contracts now only sends to contact person as intended.Web

Layout issue on long screens with routeplanning.Map will now be scaleable.Web

Supermenu was not working as it should in the new design. preventing people from logging out.The menu is now avaliable again.Web

Release date:  


Visual error in dropdown, where the customer type was shown using the customer type id.Dropdown will now correctly display the typeref.Web

Danish GPS koordinates not feached when adding adress, city, postnumber and country.Converting "Danmark" to "Denmark" and to lowercase.Web

Api: When calling GetSelectedAnswers, results does not include customer id.Include customer id in returned json.Web

Can't save translations in projectstatus or workareas.Add forgotten functionality, to use translations.Web

Deactivated Users can recieve Mails, through Questionform actions.General solution: Can't send email to a deactivated User, a User Log will be added.Web

Release date:  


Error with inventio, that prevented export as XMLExport will now work as intended.Web

form answer action 'append to task description', created empty lines when fields were skipped.The empty lines will not be created anymore.Web

It was possible to add fake linebreaks in the notes. which were difficult to remove.It is no longer possible to add fake linebreaks.Web

Subcontractors for tasks were missing when using api.Subcontractor for tasks is now abaliable using the api.Web

Layout issue with suggestions going behind the box when adding products.Suggestions are now shown in the front as needed.Web

Release date:  


It was possible to approve a worksheet from the app even though you didnt have the correct permissionsWe now respect the permissions for who can approve a worksheetWeb / app

It was possible to create duplicate tasks by clicking the save button multiple timesThe button now disappears when clicked onceWeb

When creating a subtask to a project, the address on the subtask would be taken from the company address instead of the projectWhen using a task template to create a subtask, we now keep the projects addressWeb

When quick editing a project, all statusses are available even though they shouldn't be.We now respect the status limitiations and only show the relevant statusWeb

Release date:  


When filling out a form and saving it, it could create multiple formsWhen saving a form, the save button will now be unavailable when clicked once.Web

When viewing parameters in forms, it could exceed the screens size, if you had to many parametersThe parameter view now adjust to your screens sizeWeb

When moving files in Microbizz, the creation date + time would be updated to "today"We now keep the original creation date + timeWeb

Release date:  


When accepting a task from a subcontractor e-mail, you will reciecve "A technical error occured" warningWe made some technical adjustments to fix the issueWeb

When configuring the field "SLA time left" to be shown in the app, the field was empty.We have removed the field "SLA time left" in column groupsApp

When configuring a registration type in the PLAN module to register the users work week, the start time would always be 00:00When using the registration method interval start / end time, we calculate the start and end time from the users work weekWeb

Microbizz would not always show the correct location even though the correct address was insertedWe have made several improvements to make sure Microbizz inserts the right locationWeb

It was not possible to search for produt use notes in the task module, through filtersWhen filtering product use in the task module, you now need to specify a product use filterWeb

It was not possible to see the start and end time on repetition in the task moduleWe have addded a new column "End time"Web

Release date:  


When service is deactivated, Microbizz was still considering to get serviceWe now remove "Next service" on deactivated equipmentWeb

When saving a user, the information window would contain ID'sWe made sure that we only show the correct textWeb

By clicking the save button multiple times it the same task would be duplicatedWe made sure that its only possible to click the button once in the same sessionWeb

Subtasks to a project would not always update its time estimateWe now calculate the task immediately when updated from the "edit" buttonWeb

Projects could show the wrong status in the activity log when changedWe now always show the related changes to the relevant projectWeb

Projects and tasks was geocoded wrongWe have changed the order of which we geocode tasks and projects so it will take place at the last stepWeb

Release date:  


When using drag'n'drop on columns on the xtranet, the column order wasn't savedWe have disabled the drag'n'drop feature and its now only possible to adjust columns by using the pencilWeb

When trying to change the settings in the hour module about automatic registrations, the settings wasn't savedThe settings are now saved correctlyWeb

When planning tasks the logic of holidays couldn't handle when more than 1 holiday was right after each other. This is when "Go to next workday..." was used.We have expanded the options for handling holidays so its now possible to take care of weekends and also made sure it will create plannings when more than 1 holiday is metWeb

When using the calendar view "Day" not all users could be showedWe have removed at limit on 15 users so that all relevant users will be displayedWeb

When using the action "Copy to task desciption" the desciption would contain unnesscary line shiftsMicrobizz will no longer automatically insert line shifts.Web

Release date:  


When planning tasks the logic of holidays couldn't handle when more than 1 holiday was right after each other. This is when "Go to next workday..." was used.We have expanded the options for handling holidays so its now possible to take care of weekends and also made sure it will create plannings when more than 1 holiday is metWeb

When checking out from the app, you could experience that 1 minut was lost. 

When checking out, we used to round the time down. From now on, we round up to the nearest whole minute. 


When reopening a project, it could display the wrong statusses We now check which statusses are available before displaying themWeb

When exporting salary in the User module, inactive users will not be included

If inactive users have time registrations in the period, they will now be included


When replanning repeating tasks, locked planning would be deleted.We have implemented an warning when replanning tasks where you have the option to keep locked planningsWeb

When using icons on workarea, it was not possible to have no imageWhen choosing no image, Microbizz will now display nothing, instead of a placeholder imageWeb

It was not possible to see all failed invoicesWe have expanded the menu in the invoice module, so failed invoices now also show bounced invoices.Web

Isues fixed  

It was not possible to click on "Add file" to add a fileWe fixed an technical issue that didn't allowed you to add files through the "Add file" button. As a temporary solution you can add files by Drag'n'dropWeb

Line breaks in HTML templates was considered even though it shouldn'tNow only <br> tags is considered as a line breakWeb

When using "Save as PDF" Microbizz didn't return an confimation that the PDF was savedNow we inform the user when the PDF is saved.Web

The right status was not always showing in the activity log, in the project moduleNow we always show the same status that the user have changed toWeb

When using the xtranet and Microbizz at the same time, columns in Microbizz wasn't saved.We fixed a technical issue that occured when being logged in both xtranet and Microbizz.Web

It was not possible to detect which time registration was created by accord, which is something that happens automaticallyNow we mark time registrations as A (A for automatic) and also show it in the notes on the time registrationWeb

When creating from a GANTT template in the project module, the calendar view could show date incorrectlyThe correct date chosen will now always be the one showing in the calendar viewWeb

Isues fixed  

GetProjectByID and GetProjectActivityByID would return "No Access" if you wasn't a part of the projects teamGetProjectByID and GetProjectActivityByID will no longer check if you have access to the projectWeb / app

The tab "Prices" in CRM would sometimes be unavaiable because of the layout.We fixed an issue so that the layout will always look correctWeb

When choosing a date in the GANTT line in the project module, it was only possible to choose 10 years aheadIt's now possible to choose up to 100 years aheadWeb

It was not possible to update at projects status through a update filterWe have cleaned up the code to make sure it works as expectedWeb

When using a only-readable custom field, it was not possible to use it in fx. when searching for tasksNow its possible to search in only-readable custom fieldsWeb

Projects was showing custom fields that was not related to the projects typeNow projects only show custom fields that are related to the projects typeWeb / app

When deleting hours it was not showing in the activity logNow we show the details of who deleted the hours and on which user the hour was deleted fromWeb

Isues fixed  

When you had forms that was still ongoing on tasks, they would be deleted if the task was closedWhen you close a task form now on, and there is ongoing forms, we mark them as "Completed" and keep them on the taskWeb

In some occasions, the activity log was shown in English, even though danish was chosen as primary languageWe have translated the missing translationsWeb

It was not possible to access Layout in the CRM moduleBy mistake, two different Layout menus was available. We have removed the one that was by mistake.Web

Isues fixed  

It was not possible to create multiple activities easily with the keyboardIts now possible to just click ENTER to create a new rowWeb

When Microbizz converted big files to links, their filetype was not set correctlyWe have corrected the issue and now always inserts the correct file typesWeb

It was not possible to delete product groupsWe have correct the issue so its now possible againWeb

It was possible to access a startpage even though you didn't have access to itWe now always check the permissions for the userWeb



Isues fixed  

When showing subtasks to a project in the task module when searching, the same subtask could be displayed multiple timesWe made sure that only 1 instance of the task is displayedWeb

When using "Once only" on repeating tasks, no planning would be created.To use "Once only" you need to mark the field "Only on task start date" thereby the planning will be created on the tasks starts date.Web

When using EDI's in the new project module, they couldn't be connected to a projectThe project module now supports EDI both manually and automaticallyWeb

It was possible to have two projects with the same project number when using the setting that allowed you to manually edit a project numberMicrobizz will now always check if a user is trying to use a already existing project number and return and error.Web

The activity tab in the project module wasn't working at allWe have re-written the whole activity tab and made sure it return all the users activityWeb

When trying to access the CRM tab "Direct orders" you wouldn't have any access to put an order, even though you have the correct permissionsWe made sure the permission to the tab was respected correctly.Web

When Microbizz sent out an automatic email with a report the layout made it unreadableThe issue was corrected and was only affecting One plus devices using OutlookApp

It was not possible to open messages because of a technical issueThe issue was corrected so its possible to open messages againWeb

When configurng teamtypes, the changes wasn't saved to all the teams connected to the team typeThe changes are now always savedWeb

In many form actions, it was possible to copy fields by choosing "Same field from the object where the form was completed" even though it wasn't wokringWe have removed the field from the couple of actions where it was note designed to work, f.x "Create new appointment"Web

When searching through the global search, it would include closed tasks even though it shouldn'tMicrobizz will respect the setting in the start module that handle if the global search should include og exclude closed tasksWeb

When copying a form, module access and permissions wasn't copiedNow both module access and permissions are also copiedWeb

When inserting pictures in a HTML template, the picture was not included alwaysThe picture is now always includedWeb

In some rare occasions, the same task could be shown two times in our tableWe corrected the issue and made sure only one task is shownWeb

If a user was editing a task, and a integration or a import filter was updating the task at the same time, the changes could be lostIf a user have started editing a object, and someone else have edited the task meanwhile, the user will receive a warning when trying to save. This is implemented in CRM, Task, Persons, Equipment, Users, ProjectsWeb

Isues fixed  

When showing a report on the startpage, it could not diesplay Æ Ø Å correctlyThe characters is now displayed correctlyWeb

When you wanted to make a project to a task, f.ex. an ad-hoc, you could experience that the task was deleted when using a template right after, and the company was not filled automatically We now fill the company automatically and the task is kept even if you use a templateWeb

%qf_answerdate% was not working when using it in a HTML templateWhen using %qf_answerdate% we now insert the day the form was completedWeb

It was not possible to create a gantt line in the new project module easily When creating a gantt line, you can now just press ENTER when you easily want to create a new oneWeb

When creating a note, you usually get a notification about it to inform you. If the note was then deleted, the notifikation was still there but couldn't be clicked on.We now remove the notification in that situationWeb

Deleted work areas was still showing when editing custom fields We now respect that the work area is deleted and dont show it.Web

Our table sorting sometimes didn't sort the rows correctly

With some form actions the field "Same field from the object where the form was completed" was there even though it was not workingWe decided to remove the field in some actions, where they didn't work and didn't make senseWeb

When using "Save as PDF" to send a mail and inserting a picture in the body text, the picture wasnt included in the mailThe picture is now included as expectedWeb

Issues fixed  

In some occasions, a filled form would be deleted. We have changed the technically order on how Microbizz behave when a form is filled while the form also closes the task, so the form will not be deleted. Web / App

When coping a form, the permissions and module access was not copiedThe permissions and module access is now also copied with it.Web

When partially invoicing a project, it was not showing how much was missing and how much was invoicedWe now show the remaining balance on the projectWeb

it was not possible to set a startdate when creating a customer through the APIIts now possible to set the startdate on the following API commands:

- CreateUpdateCustomerByID
- CreateUpdateCustomerByCustomerNumber


Generel improvements in the project module

It contains of:

  1. The advanced search is now hiding as default
  2. When pressing SEARCH, Microibzz dosent scroll to the top automatically
  3. Work area filtering is exchanged with project types

Microbizz automatically approved a worksheet even thought the user didn't have the permissions to it.We now respect the permissions that have been set up for approving worksheetsWeb / App

When inserting PDF fields, the questions and answers is not ordered under each other The questions and answers is now under each other, so its easier to insert the fields in the correct orderWeb

When creating todos through the command CreateTodoFromTemplate it wasn't loggedWe now log tasks created through the command CreateTodoFromTemplate in the activity logWeb

When using team types, the changes wasn't transferred to the teams refering to the team typeThe changes is now correctly transferred to the teams assosicated with the team typeWeb

Microbizz was freezing when changing a end date in the gantt chart We have fixed the issue which occurred when the customer wasn't set to open in the work weet.Web

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