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The task card can be accessed from the search pages or from the list of tasks for a company or from the list of tasks for an equipment or from the planning module etc.

The map at the top may be hidden. The 3 columns with fields are configurable, by using a layout.

The buttons

On the frontpage of the task card we find various buttons.

  • Edit: To edit the task
  • Quickedit: To quickedit the task, you can only change the most commonly edited fields
  • Change attachment: Here you can change which company or unit the task belongs to, and change work area and mor Fed e; these fields are seperate for the normal editing because changing them may have far reaching consequences
  • To pool: Here you can send the task to a pool; a pool is just a collection of task
  • Close task: To close the task, if it is already closed then Reopen task or Undo close or Approve buttons may appear instead
  • Create...: From here you can create other objects that are connected to the task
  • Transfer to quotation: This will create a new quotation based on the task
  • Print: Print out the current task
  • SMS: Send an SMS from the current task
  • To template: Make a template out of the current task
  • Invoice now: Send an invoice to the company you are carrying out the task for
  • Copy: Make a copy of the current task; if the task is a project the subtasks will also be copied ; you will be asked which other data to copy (files, product use, equipment attachments), when copying invoiced product use the copies will be marked as awaiting.
  • Save as PDF: Save the task as a PDF-file
  • Go back: Go back to the previous page where you searched for tasks
  • To project: This allows you to assign the task to a project; for more on projects, please refer to the Project module
  • Send mail: Send a mail to the subcontractor
  • Pay accord: Pay out accord
  • Apply update filter: Apply an update filter to the task
  • Less/more: Show more/less of these buttons; click on the pencil inside the button to edit which buttons are always shown 

Task tabs

Right under the user card we see the task tabs. These have different purposes:

  • Activity: Here is shown a chronological list of activities that have been done on the task
  • AddressesA list of all the addresses attached to the task
  • BudgetThe current budget of the task is displayed
  • ChecklistA list of all the checkpoints attached to the task
  • CompetencesSee what competences are required for this task
  • EmailsView a list of emails in relation to the task
  • Equipment: See which equipment are attached to the task
  • Files: See files related to this task
  • Forms: Fill out forms and see previously filled out ones
  • HoursView any hours registered for the task
  • InvoicesView any invoice that have invoice lines that refer to the task
  • Map: Here you can draw on a map, f.ex. to illustrate areas that are relevant to the task 
  • NotesSee and write notes regarding the task
  • Object accessSee who has access or hasn't to the task
  • PlanningView any plans the task might have
  • Product use: View which products have been used while completing the task
  • RemindersA list of all the reminders for the task
  • Salary: See salary related information
  • Statistics: Choose different mini reports to see statistics about this task

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