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Quotations are used for creating offers to your current, as well as new customers, allowing you to attach various objects and information to them. The quotation will usually include a number of product use lines, these are edited in the Lines tab.

When the quotation is accepted you may create a new task, and you may decide that to do with the product use lines  that are associated with the quotation.


The details page for a quotation shows the usual 3-columns list of information. Below that are a number of buttons:

  • Save as PDF: This will save or email the quotation as a PDF
  • Edit: Allows you to edit the quotation
  • Accepted by customer: Mark the quotation as accepted by the customer, see below
  • Rejected by customer: Mark the quotation as rejected by the customer
  • Delete: Delete the quotation
  • To search: Go back to the quotation search
  • Apply update filter: Apply an update filter, just like many other places in Microbizz


A quotation may include a number of product use lines. When the quotation is accepted you will be asked what to do with the lines:

  • Invoice: This will create a new invoice and will treat the product use a invoice lines
  • Add to task price: This will increase the task price by the price of the product use 
  • Task product use: This will add the product use to the task
  • Do nothing:

Lines that are marked as subscriptions will always be converted to subscriptions. Any files attached to the quotation may be copied to a folder on the task; this is setup in the Settings.

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