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Update filters

Update filters

Update filters are usually used for updating large portions of data into Microbizz. This is most often done when setting up Microbizz for the first time to get base data in your Microbizz solution right away. Therefore, update filters often have to be adjusted in order to fit the data you're given, but some restrictions in Microbizz update filters may require adjustments to the data from the third party system/database.

Create update filters

To create an update filter you'll have to access the System module, then the Filters menu and List update filters. Here you'll get a list of existing update filters and you'll also be able to create new update filters by clicking the 'Create new filter'-button.

When creating a new update filter, you'll firstly have to choose what type of data you're going to update. You can update various types of data into Microbizz and depending on the objects and elements you want update, you'll get a list of different fields e.g. CRM-objects will have fields such as customer number, invoice addresses etc. while Equipment have fields such as manufacturer, model and serial number. Custom fields will also be shown in the list of fields, where you can match data.

You will then be presented with the following page, where you need to fill out the following:

  • Name: Give the update filter a name e.g. 'Company import'
  • Source: Choose what data format you're importing either csv or text-file. CSV are most common and is also the choice if importing data generated from excel.

When set up you can click 'Save' and you'll be taken to the update filter set up page.

Special considerations

Notice that you cannot use update filters to set the estimate or startdate or deadline for a task if the task is an activity in the new Project module.

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