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The Process module handles processes; a processes consists of a number of phases that a unit may move between. A unit is a bit like a task, it belongs to a company and you may register time on the unit.

A process may have a number of "roles" like "owner" or "contractor" or "designer" or whatever you may want. Users or persons may be assigned to the roles.

A process may also have a number of checkpoints, which are a bit like milestones or deadlines.

Phases may have actions (performed when the phase is entered) and requirements (what must be done before the phase can be left).

Creating a process

You create a new process from the PROCESS  >  CREATE menu.

Cyclical development simply means that when a unit leaves the last phase it returns to the first phase, instead of being closed because it has reached the end. If you later on need to change the title or team etc then you do that from the pencil menu in the list of processes.

Once the process has been created you need to add phases to it, and define roles and checkpoints etc.

You can read more about the process details here.

There are two different types of overview of on going units: Pending (which shows all the units that are awaiting actions before they can move to next phase) and Process pipe. Both are available from the UNIT menu.


Units may be created from the UNIT > CREATE menu, or from the Create... menu on a CRM object details page. Or units may be created automatically on a regular basis by using unit starters.

Read more about units here.

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