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A process comprises a set of phases that a unit may go through; there is also other things that may be configured for a process to define things that must be done for each unit in the process, such as checkpoints, roles and documents.

For details about actions and requirements please see the page about phases.

Below are described the various tabs on a process.


Checkpoint can be considered a kind of milestones for the process.

  • Checkpoint: This is just the title on the checkpoint.

  • Category:

  • Description: Here you may enter a longer description of the checkpoint.

  • Days to deadline: How many days after a unit start, is the deadline of this checkpoint.

  • Notification advance: How many days before the deadline should people be notified? A mail will be sent to the user/person that has been assigned the role

  • Responsible: Which role should receive a notification mail; if there is no responsible for the checkpoint the mail will be sent to the unit responsible.

  • Accept by: Who can accept this checkpoint

The checkpoints will appear on the “simple view” of the unit, once the unit is started:


You may add files that are shared amongst all units in a process. There is a DOCUMENTS tab on the units which holds the shared files. There is also a MISC. FILES tab on the unit, for unit specific files.


You may define a number of static question forms that can be completed for each unit.

These forms are then listed in the STATIC QUEST. tab on the unit.

Process files

You may also defined a number of files that should be added to the unit, f.ex. a specification or a final contract. You may then setup a requirement in a phase, so that the phase requires that the file has been added.

The file may be generated by a completing a form, this is specified by selecting a form from the Generate from drop down menu.

On the unit the process files a listed like this:

Click on the pencil to open a menu from where you can upload a file. If the file can be generated from a form then the menu will also allow you to complete the form.


You may define a number of roles for a process. Each unit may then assign users (or persons) to the role. You may setup a requirement in a phase, so that the requires that the role is assigned.

A role may be external, this means that it must be assigned to a person (from the Person module).


You may setup a “unit starter” to start a new unit at regular intervals. This is done in the menu STARTERTS > LIST STARTERS. A unit starter simply describes which company and process to use for the unit, and how often a new unit should be created:

Most of the fields are self-explanatory.

  • Start role: If the process defines any roles then you will be able to assign the roles in advance

  • Enabled: This simply indicates if this starter is enabled; if not enabled it will not spawn new units

  • Days until deadline: The number of days from the creation of the unit and until the unit deadline

The new unit will be started when it is created.

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