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A phase describes a state of a unit. When a phase is entered, certain configurable actions are performed. To able to leave a phase, certain configurable requirements must be fullfilled.

Phases are created where you edit the process. Click on the Add phase button to add a phase, or click on a phase in the right side list to select that phase - this will enable you to edit or delete the phase. Phases may also be sorted.

Create / edit phase

  • Phase title: This is just the title of the phase

  • Phase description: Here you may write a details description of the phase, so you don’t forget what is is about

  • Phase colour: The colour to use whenever the phase is displayed

  • Invisible? : This determines if the phase is excluded when the unit is displayed in the process pipe

  • Advance: This indicates how a unit may autoadvance when it is in this phase, see the section Advancing below

  • Max duration: How long the phase is expected to last in days, the unit may be automatically advance after this many days

  • Max. time consumption: The expected maximum number of hours that will be registered on the unit in this hpase

  • Lock deadline: If checked, the deadline for this phase, will never be recalculated automatically.

  • Form: The question form to use when ending the unit in this phase


Actions are performed when a unit enters a phase; there are a bunch of different actions that may be setup to be performed; the actions are listed in the ACTIONS tab in the process, where you also may add new actions, most of them have additional settings:


A phase may include a number of requirements that must be fullfilled before the unit can advance to the next phase; most of the requirements have additional settings:


Microbizz will regularly try to advance any unit that is in a phase that can be auto advanced; this depends on the Auto advance setting for the phase and how long the unit has been in the phase (the Max duration setting for the phase) and if all requirements have been met.

The Auto advance setting can have one of these values:

  • Manually

  • When the criteria have been fulfilled

  • When the criteria have been fulfilled or after expected duration

  • Only after expected duration

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