The salary system allows numbers from Microbizz (hours, workplan registrations etc) to be transformed into data usable for an external salary system.

In order to setup the salary system, you need the following information:

  • Salary codes and rules. These are the different codes, that make up the salary specification. Most salary systems use numeric codes. You also needs to know how each code is calculated.
  • Employee salary numbers. Your employees typically have a specific number in the salary system identifying them.

Adding the codes to the system

First you need to enter the salary codes into the system. Read about salary codes here.

Create salary models

You can create an unlimited number of salary models in the system. A salary model is a collection of rules, making up the salary specification for a group of employees. Read about building salary models here.

Assign salary models to employees and enter their salary number

When the salary models are created, they should be assigned to the employees, along with their salary numbers.

Previewing and exporting the salary

Most salaries consist of complex calculations, so it is important to preview the output, to ensure that everything is working as expected, before exporting it.

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