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Previewing and exporting salary

When all salary is configured, it is time to preview and export it to your salary system.

Previewing salary

You can use the report tool, which is found in the salary menu to preview the salary.

You can configure which report you want to see.

  • From / To: The date range you want to generate salary data for.
  • Show: Select which report type to show.
    • Hour summary: Show how hours are sorted into different categories. See below.
    • Salary data: Show the final salary output. See below.
  • Category: Restrict the hour summary to only show hours of a specific category.
  • Teams: Limit which teams you want to get output for.

Hour summary

The hour summary shows, for each user, how their hours are divided between day types and hour categories. This view can be useful to identify exactly which hours are needed for a certain salary code.

Salary data

This shows the final salary output, where everything is assigned to the proper salary codes, as according to the salary model for each user.

Exporting salary

When you have confirmed that the salary is correct, it is time to export it. This is done, through the export item in the salary menu.

In order to export the salary, you just select the salary period and press the export salaries button, which will then guide you through the rest of the process, which depends on which salary system you are using.

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