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Salary codes

Salary codes makes up the salary specification and can be though of as the "boxes" where the different part of a salary is sorted. Example of salary codes could be:

  • Hours worked.
  • Overtime.
  • Vacation days.
  • Etc.

Salary codes are handled by selecting codes from the salary menu.

A salary code consist of four pieces of information.

Salary code - This is the code itself and is provided by your salary system vendor. This is typically a number or a short letter combination.

Description - This is a human readable description of the salary code, to make it easier to understand what should be sorted into this code.

Type - This should be left to normal, but is used by some salary systems to make a difference between several types of codes. If you need to select something special here, it will be noted in the notes regarding your salary system.

Product no. - Some salary systems requires a product number along with the salary code. If this is the case, it will be noted in the notes regarding your salary system. Typically this shouldn't be filled.

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