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The forms tab is used in most modules. The tab revolves around the forms used on a specific object. The main purposes are:

  • See completed forms
  • Fill out new forms
  • Request a form completion

See completed forms

To see forms that are completed, simply access the FORMS tab. Here you will see a list of forms, and by pressing on one of them, you will see some information about when it was answered, by who and on what object.

From a completed form, it's also possible to:

  • Print: Prints the form as seen on the screen
  • Save as PDF: Let's you save as PDF, and send the form through mail

Notice that forms filled out on a task (or equipment etc.) will be listed amongst the form answers for the task's company; however this doesn't apply to forms that were requested on the task (or equipment).

Fill out form

To fill out a form, simply press the Complete form button.

As shown in the video a popup will be shown, and a form has to be selected.

When the answers are completed, simply press Save.

Save for later

When completing a form, either from the web or app, it's possible to press Save for later if the form allows it. See forms permissions.

Saving a form for later is used, when a form can't be finished at once,.

To continue later, simply press the form on the list and complete it.

Forms actions

As explained in the forms action section, the form can execute actions when completed. But there are other situations where actions should be executed differently. These are explained in the same section under action settings.

Completed forms options

When pressing the pencil menu besides a completed form, the following options will become available:

  • Edit and approve: Let's the user finalize the form and approve it
  • Edit: Let's the user edit a completed form
  • Reopen: If a form has been completed but is missing information or needs to be edited, it can be done by reopening it
  • Copy: Creates an exact copy of the form
  • Rename: Let's the user rename the name of the completed form (name normally derived from the form name)
  • Delete: Let's the user delete the form

Request form

Requesting a form let's an office-user ask other users to fill out specific forms.

As forms are mostly filled out on a users own initiative, it's sometimes useful to decide that a form has to be filled out.

In the case of using a requested form on a task, it will simply not be possible to close the task before the form is filled out.

When requesting a form, the following fields are used:

  • Form: The dropdown field where the specific form is selected
  • Who can answer?: Who should answer the form. Either a specific user or anyone looking at the object; if you select a specific user you will be given the option to send a message to the user to inform of the request.
  • Send feedback: Sends a mail to the user requesting the form, when it has been completed
  • To external?: This option will let you send the form to a person rather than a user. The feedback to field will only be able to search for persons. By pressing Create, the form will be send through a mail
  • Feedback to: Who should receive the info about the filled out form
  • Note: A note to the user filling out the form

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