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Forms permissions

Having a lot of forms can make it hard to find exactly the form you are looking for, so by setting form permissions, you can limit the number of forms, that are shown in any given situation.

You can limit forms to only be available in certain modules and only displayed to users on specific teams.

Adjusting module permissions

Access to specific modules can be restricted, by using the ACCESS menu next to a given question form.

Here you can check next to the modules where you want the form to be available. You can also indicate if it should be possible to save an answer to this form, for later.

Adjusting team permissions

By selecting PERMISSIONS from the FORMS menu, you can access a matrix allowing you to grant permissions to certain forms, for members of certain teams.

A value of NO indicate that the form will not be available for the given team, a value of TL means that the form is available to any teamleader and YES means full access. 

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