The user card is accessed either by the menu MY PROFILE or through the USER LIST where you will find all the users in your system.

The buttons

On the front page of the user card we find different buttons:

  • Edit: Used to edit the user information
  • Mobile auto-configuration: Used to give a user access to the mobile app
  • Become user: It's possible for an Administrator to log on as any user through this function
  • Deactivate: When a user is no longer needed it can be activated here. You will then be asked to choose a new existing user whom the responsibility will be transferred to
  • Delete: You can delete a user here
  • Configure: Used to configure some integrations
  • Less:/more Show more/less of these buttons

User tabs

Right under the user card, we see the user tabs. These have different purposes:

  • Activity: Here is shown a chronological list of activities that the user has been involved in.
  • Competences: See what competences the user has
  • Disclosure: GDPR related tab viewing a list of objects the user has been in contact with
  • Equipment: See what equipment the user is attached or responsible to
  • Files: See files related to this user
  • Forms: Fill out forms and see previously filled out ones
  • Linked: A tab related to special integrations
  • Map: See a list of checkins for this user on a map
  • Notes: See and write notes regarding this user
  • Prices: See and edit this users prices when registering hours on any task
  • Production: See this users past, present and future production
  • Salary: See salary related information
  • Statistics: Choose different mini reports to see statistics about this user
  • Working week: See this users workweek

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