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Info boxes

Start page info boxes are content related boxes that are displayed on the Start page. Info boxes can basically be anything and roughly just refers to boxes on the Microbizz Start page. This can be anything from Microreports, Workplan resumé, Active check ins etc.

This section will go through the different info boxes available for the different modules. Info boxes are used when building a Start page.

To learn more about building and creating Start pages please see the related content at the bottom of this page.

For inspiration, here is an example on a typical Start page with different info boxes:

To add content, scroll down to the bottom of the page, and click on "Click to add contents":

You will then be presented by a dialog box, where you have to fill out the following information:

  • Title: The title for the info box

  • Module: Choose any of the available modules in your Microbizz solution. Here is a list of the most common ones with various ways to display information from them:

    • CRM:

      • Search company

      • Companies from filter

      • CRM account graph

    • Calendar:

      • My appointments

      • Team calendar

    • Course:

      • My lessons

      • Attendance

    • Equipment:

      • My equipment

      • Equipment / task overview

    • Hours:

      • Checkout notes

      • Invoiced within estimate

    • Inspection:

      • My inspections

    • Invoices:

      • My EDIs

      • EDIs from filter

      • My invoices

    • Person:

      • Persons from filter

    • Planning:

      • My production plan

      • Others production plan

      • Employee capacity

      • Routes

    • Process:

      • Awaiting action

      • Process pipe

    • Project:

      • Project from filter

    • Reminder:

      • My reminders

      • Pending

      • Week list

      • Duties

    • Report:

      • Microreports

      • Latest reports

      • Filter

      • User defined

      • Standard

    • Sales:

      • My sales

      • My sales (graph)

      • My calls

      • Campaign status (graph)

      • Sales pipe

      • Team performance

      • My quotations

      • Filtered quotations

    • Start:

      • Static reports

      • News

      • External app

    • Support:

      • Tickets from filter 

    • Tasks:

      • My tasks

      • Task from filter

      • Pend. invoicing

      • Upcoming

      • Task from pool

    • User:

      • Check in

      • Active checkins

      • SMS communication

        • Be aware that it's nessecary that he user is configured to be recieving the SMS through this setting on the user profile: 

      • Personal note

      • Contact information

    • Work plan:

      • Who is at work?

      • Work plan

One example - endless possibilities

The creation of content to start / overview pages in the description above covers only one of many possibilities.

Apart from extracting all sorts of different information, a wide range of different visual representations are also available. Below we have added a few images of some of the most popular features.

Module: Reminder - Box type: Pending

Module: User - Box type: Active checkins

Module: Reminder - Box type: Week list

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