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How do I get Fortnox to work with Tax reductions?

When using a Fortnox integration, you can encounter an error like 'Dokument utan angiven skattereduktionstyp får inte innehålla artikelrader markerade som...'

This is because you need to mark the invoice with one of their preset Tax Reductions and this article will show you how.

Step 1 - Create a custom field

Create a custom field with a proper name, and the available options from Fortnox. At time of writing, these are rut, rot, green and none.

Step 2 - Add this custom field to the integration

Go to the settings page for your Fortnox integration and select the newly created field in the bottom left corner:

Step 3 - Update the field on appropriate invoices

On invoices requiring this setting, select the proper value on the field when editing the invoice.


If you receive errors like "Dokument med skattereduktionstypen XXX får inte innehålla rader med ..." you have probably selected the wrong type of tax reduction in regard to the products on your invoice.

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