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Getting started

The Equipment-module is a separate module in Microbizz that serves as a catalogue for different types of equipment. Equipment can basically be anything but mostly used for machines, tools, cars and other physical objects you need to register specific information on.

The equipment module can therefore have multiple purposes and functions, and some of the usual tasks that involve equipment are the following:

  • Fleet management - Geographical overview of vehicles and employees
  • Service - Maintenance, service, and inspections of different types of machines and objects
  • Internal equipment management - Management of tools, internal machines, etc.

Different types of information can be stored on a piece of equipment as standard e.g. service-interval, serial number, manufacturer and model, storage location, etc.

It is also possible to generate unique QR-codes for each equipment so that it is easy to locate and work with specific equipment in Microbizz when scanned.

The essentials

Before you can start using the module, there is some configuration that needs to be in place.

The essential functions are

  • Equipment categories
  • Equipment types

Equipment categories

Categories are used to categorize the various pieces of equipment. A category is not much more than a title, and you can have just as many categories as you like.

Learn how to create categories in the following section: Categories.

Equipment types

In order to structure the equipment database, we need to define Equipment types in Microbizz. 

Equipment types are used to categorize the different pieces of equipment in the Microbizz solution. These are not to be associated with Categories, which are similar to just a title.

To read more about equipment types, please refer to the following section: Equipment types

Next steps

Now that you have learned about the basics of the equipment module, and are familiar with configuring the basics, you are ready to create and manage equipment.

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