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The equipment card is accessed after having searching either through SEARCH or SEARCH WITH FILTER.

The buttons

On the frontpage of the equipment card we find different buttons

  • Edit: Used to edit the equipment information
  • Take: Mark the equipment as taken, and can therefore not be taken by another user. You can then either Release it for another user to take it, or Use it
  • Install: It's possible to install the equipment. It is also possible to Uninstall it if needed.
  • Attach: When a user is no longer needed it can be activated here. You will then be asked to choose an new existing user that the responsibility will be transferred to
  • Deactivate: Deactivates the equipment, which makes it unreachable but not deleted. To reactivate it, click on the Activate button.
  • Create task: Used to create a task for the equipment
  • Service: Complete a service check by completing form, see more here
  • Get NFC: Download the NFC information
  • Go back: Navigates the user back to the equipment search page.
  • Location: Mark a new location for the equipment by dragging its icon on a map
  • Less/more: Show more/less of these buttons

Equipment tabs

Right under the equipment card we see the equipment tabs. These have different purposes:

  • Activity: View the equipment's activities, if any
  • Attachment: View all objects that are attached to the equipment, if any
  • Events: View an overview of all previous events regarding the equipment
  • Files: See files related to this equipment
  • Forms: Fill out forms and see previously filled out ones
  • Hours: View all registered hours that have been made on that particular piece of equipment
  • Invoice: View any occassion when the equipment was invoiced
  • Map: See a list of checkins for this equipment on a map
  • Notes: See and write notes regarding this equipment
  • Parts List: View and add products that are part of the equipment
  • Product use: View any products that have been used in conjunction with the equipment
  • Reservation: View any previous, current or future reservations for the equipment
  • Serv. Agree.: View and add service agreements for the equipment
  • Statistics: Choose different mini reports to see statistics about this piece of equipment
  • Tasks: View all tasks that have had the equipment attached to them

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