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Create equipment

To create a piece of equipment, you'll need to access the Equipment module, then EQUIPMENT > CREATE as shown below.

When creating a piece of equipment there are different pieces of information to take into account. You can learn about them by using the tooltips functions, but let's take a look at the most important ones.

  • Category: The category the piece of equipment belongs to. For more on this, refer to this section: Categories
  • Description: A description of the piece of equipment
  • ResponsibleAdd a user from the User module to assign someone who is responsible for this equipment
  • Place of home: Add a company from the CRM module to assign a location where it belongs for this equipment
  • Contact person: Add a person from the Person module to assign a contact person for this equipment
  • Place of storage: A description of where to find the piece of equipment
  • Current location: Add a company from the CRM module to assign a location where it currently resides
  • Tracker ID: Typically an IMEI number
  • Status: The status the piece of equipment currently is in. For more on this, refer to this section: Status
  • Barcode: A barcode identifying the piece of equipment
  • Individual: If checked, users are only allowed to take one tool at a time
  • Competences: Only users with competencies identified in this area can pick up and use the equipment

If you've chosen an equipment type that requires service, you'll also be prompted to enter the latest service date. Microbizz will then calculated the next service date based on the service period specified on the equipment type.

When all relevant information about the equipment has been entered you can click the "Save"-button. You can also click the "Save and new"-button if you need to create additional pieces of equipment.

Service agreements (optional)

If you're using Service agreements then when you've created the new equipment, you'll have to access the equipment tab 'Service agreements'. Here you'll be able to select what type of service agreement this equipment has.

To learn more about service agreements, please see the following page: Service agreements.

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