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The telephones section is focused on the location of the mobile devices used.

Here  you will be able to find two functions:

  • Overview
  • GPS Log


This functionality is accessed by the menu TELEPHONES and gives you a list of active devices with their respective latest location.

The listview is only used for a quick overview about how many devices are connected and when was their last GPS connection.

GPS log

The functionality gives the option of seeing a more detailed information about the historical GPS locations of different users as seen in the picture below.


Using the GPS log

To use this functionality, you need to input some search criterias such as:

  • Date from: What date should the search start from
  • Date to: What date should the search end
  • Time from: What time should the search start from
  • Time to: What time should the search end
  • Max precision: What is maximum allowed uncertainty in meters for the location that you would like to include in the search results
    • This is used to remove eventual locations that a device has acquired but that aren't precise. GPS locations rely different factors for precision such as the hardware used, indoor/outdoor location at the time of GPS registration and more 

Finally you need to choose who this regards and what device you want to see the registry for.

  • Employee: A specific user
  • Telephone: A dropdown list of available devices to choose from, as one user can configure multiple mobile devices

When the search criterias are added, simply press 

 and the map will be populated with blue dots marker corresponding each location the system has registered for the user.

It's possible to press on a blue dot marker to see more information about the specific location.

Criterias for GPS registration

There are different settings in the system that either allows or blocks the registration of a users location, such as:

  • Location tracking: As explained in the users section
  • GPS and location settings: In the menu GPS, checkin & QR you can further adjust when locations are tracked

The frequency for the registrations are also chosen in the GPS, checkin & QR, where the Register location period can be chosen.

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