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Template permissions and access

There are occasions where many templates are used in a Microbizz solution.

It's therefore possible to decide:

  • Who can use templates
  • Where templates can be used

Templates permissions

Permissions are accessed through the menu TASK/TASK TEMPLATES/PERMISSIONS.

As with other modules permissions will let you decide who can use the different functions in Microbizz.

In regards to task templates you can manage who can use the different templates.

By accessing the menu, you will then be able to switch on/off who can use the templates.

Template access

Template access is accessed by the menu TASK/TASK TEMPLATES/SEARCH and then use the pencil menu and then access on the template you want to manage.

Besides the permission, it's possible to decide which modules a template can be used in.

When the option is saved, the template will then only be used in the selected modules.

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