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Many modules in Microbizz include the possibility of limiting each team´s access to different functions in the module. This is done by using permissions. To access permissions: Click on the MODULE ICON (eg. User module, CRM module etc.) > and choose SETTINGS > PERMISSIONS in the top menu. You can also click on the Setup module, and choose SETTINGS > PERMISSIONS to choose, view and edit the permissions for every module you have in your Microbizz solution.

Above the permission list is a collection of all team names - because of limited space, each team has been assigned a number, which is shown above the permission list.

If you are using team types then the team types will also be listed, these will have letters A, B etc.

The picture below is from the User module.

Even though different modules have different functions, which can be hid/turned off, the permission system works in the same way for all modules. This is an example of permissions found in the user module.

To the left is the function name. If the name of the function is indented, it means the access is also limited by the function above. Meaning giving access to the function requires you also give access to the funtion above. 

If a permission is highlighted as YES it means all the users in the team have access to the function.  TL means only the team leaders have access, and  NO  means that no one from the team has access. Only administrators will then have access to the given function. 

To change permisssion click on the respective YES, NO or TL - the options will change in a loop until you reach the desired option.

To change the permissions for all teams in one go, click on YES, NO, TL in the column labeled All.

If you are using team types then you will also be able to change a permission for all teams of a given type, but clicking on YES, NO, TL in the columns for the team types.

In future versions it will be possible to change all permissions for a single team, but clicking on a field just below the 1, 2, 3, 4 ... team numbers.


Kindly be aware that permissions is not the only way to control access. If you wish to control access on a more overall level you need to take policies into account.

Module access

If you wish to remove or add a team´s access to a module all together: Click on the USER MODULE ICON > and choose USERS > TEAMS in the top menu. Edit the team by clicking the pencil next to the team name and remove or add access to the module in question. 

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