Quotations are used to create offers, where you can attach specific teams and users to sell certain products and/or parts to companies within your system.

When creating a quotation, you can fill out the following:

  • Title: The title for the quotation
  • Description: A description for the quotation
  • Company: A company attached to the quotation
  • Person: A person attached to the quotation
  • Unit: A unit configured in the Process module
  • Expected agreement date: A date when you expect to reach an agreement with the attached company and/or person
  • Expectation in %: How much you expect to reach to an agreement with the attached company and/or person
  • Team: A team attached to the quotation. They are the only ones that can handle this quotation
  • Responsible sales person: A user that should be responsible for the sale
  • Additional sales person: Additional user that should be a seller for the quotation
    • Commission: A percentage for the additional sales person's commission 
  • Requisition: If you create a task from the quotation, then this field will be copied over to the task's requisition-field
  • Type: Choose from any of the quotation type(s) you have created earlier
  • Year 1-4: These are only visible if configured in the module's general settings (under Quotation > Budgeting) 
  • Follow up?: If marked, the sales person(s) will be reminded to follow up on the quotation: 
    • In X days: Any number of days before following up
      • Be aware that the field will reset itself, to make it possible to create multiple reminders
  • PDF attachment: If you have a PDF document regarding the quotation, you can attach it here; when you save the quotation as a PDF the PDF attachment will be included at the end of the resulting PDF