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Sales - General settings

Here you will find settings that are related to different parts of the sales module. 

There are settings specific to related functions, which are in the module's configuration menu.


This section has the following settings:


  • Hide prices in API: If marked, prices are hidden in the API
  • Require expected agreement date on quotation: If marked, quotations are required to have an expected agreement date 


This section has the following settings:

Sales phases

  • Use phases: If marked, sales phases are used when quoting


  • Activate interest system: If marked, a product / interest system is activated, which can register the products your customers possess, and which ones they have shown interest for. For more on creating interests, please refer to Interests


  • Years: Choose how many years a quotation, which contains finance, should be calculated in the number realised and budgeted. You can choose between:
    • All years
    • 4 years
    • Year 1, 2 and 3
    • Year 1 and 2
    • Only first year
    • Only first invoice
    • Only first invoice (w/o subscriptions)


  • Don't save: If checked, files aren't saved
  • Folder: Write the name of the folder to keep the files in


  • Notify seller: If marked, the responsible seller will be notified by mail when the expected quotation date is exceeded

Should the quotation be followed up by a mail campaign?

  • Follow up campaign: Choose a campaign to use for following up quotations


This section has the following settings:


  • Budget start: Choose a month budgets begin in

Can the team budget update the master budget?

  • Team to Master?: If marked, a team's budget can update the master budget

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