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A reminder consists of a message to users, to remind them when certain things happen in Microbizz, e.g. to a company or person.

In this section, by clicking on "Create new" in REMINDER > CREATE, you are able to create a new reminder:

In order to create a new reminder, there are various information required:

  • Reminder: The title of the reminder
  • Description: A description for the reminder
  • Allocate to...: Choose a user you want to allocate the reminder to
  • Date: The date for the reminder
  • Time: The time for the reminder
  • Repeat: See the description of repetitions
  • Remind via: Choose one of the following ways to remind users with:
    • Pop up window - this will show a popup window within the browser (only if you are logged into Microbizz at the time)
    • Email - this will send an email
    • Text message - this will send an SMS
    • Message - this will send you a message, see the User module for details
  • Link...: Choose an object to link the reminder to:
    • (none)
    • Company - the reminder will be visible in the Reminders tab on the company in the CRM module
    • Person - the reminder will be visible in the Calender tab on the person in the Person module
    • Task -  the reminder will be visible in the Reminders tab on the task
    • Unit - 

When you are done, you can press either the Save - or the Save and create new button.

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