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Timeline options

Above the timeline, there are a set of options available:

Zoom in - Zoom out

When pressing either, the gantt timeline will change zoom settings.


Pressing today, will show the timeline focused on today.


Here you can set which columns from the objects that should be showed in the gantt-sheet below.

You can select column information from tasks and appointments as shown below


Here you can set up styles, colors for the gantt view and work weeks for the project. Setup can be done for all project and is explained in this section.

Any changes made here will only effect this specific project.

Tasks and appointments

Pressing one of these, will open a list of existing tasks or appointments that are attached to the project but not an activity.

Notice that you may only select one task. To insert multiple tasks see this

The tasks / appointments will be inserted at the bottom of the Gantt diagram. 


Will move the project start date to a new specific date.

All activities that are dependent on each other will move according to their dependencies.

PDF export

Choosing this option will save the timeline in a PDF showing all the activities.

The PDF can be customized in the setup menu.


Pressing help will show a help page for keyboard shortcuts.

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