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Here you can set up default styles, colors for the gannt view and work weeks for the project projects. Each new project created, will use these settings. It's possible afterwards to change the settings per project.

The information is grouped into their type which is showed and explained below:

Tasks, appointments, group, activity, project and placeholder

In these menu, you can customize the information show on the gantt acitivities for each type.

The customized information shown on the gantt.


In this menu you can change the default colors for new projects. This can be changes individually per project.

Work week

Choose a yearly calendar that the system should follow when planning gantt acitivities. For example holidays, special closed days and such.

It's possible afterwards to choose another workweek each project should follow.


Gantt plans can be exported in PDF.

In this menu, you can decide which fields are included in the left side of the PDF where activities are shown in a list form.

It's possible to drag the fields to change the order.

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