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Activities and activity groups

Activities represent a row in the timeline.

The timeline is ultimately a collection of activities.

To show which activities belong together, it's possible to group them.


As explained here, there are two sides to the Gantt tab.

In order to create a plan, we need to add some data to the left side.

Press on the title of an empty row and type in the name of the activity as shown below. 

To insert activities use the right click menu and choose add above/add below.

Activity Groups

Grouping activities together is used to relate the activities to each other. This is helpful when having bigger projects divided in phases, or other types of grouping.

In our example we use a phase as a group.

Grouping is either done by using mouse right click on each sub activity or through the keyboard with Ctrl + right arrow.

Groups can contain other groups, giving the option of creating a timeline that will represent a project with all the necessary areas of work.

Add activity from template

Adding activities can also be done by right click and choosing Insert from template.

As seen in the video below, the user will be asked to choose a gantt template to add.

Add task activities

Adding one or more task activities can also be done by right click and choosing Insert tasks below.

This will open a window with all the tasks that belong to the projekt, but at not already activities. You may then select one or more tasks - these will be inserted below the activity that you clicked on.

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