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Gantt templates

Gantt templates are used to easily create timelines and to being able to control how a company executes projects.

Templates are a useful tool to ensure standards within project management.

Using the gantt templates

The gantt templates are simply used by accessing a timeline and right click on a row, and choosing insert from template.

Doing so will add activities to the timeline.

This can be done either from an empty timeline or an existing one, where more activities are needed.

When you select a template, you will be asked about the startdate. If you specify a start date then the template will be inserted so that the first new activity starts at that date. If you don't specify a startdate then the template will be inserted so that the first new activity starts at the project startdate.

Notice that it may not always be possible to place the new activities at the exact startdate, f.ex. if the startdate is a non-working day or because of dependencies. 

Create a template

Creating a template is done by accessing the menu GANTT TEMPLATES/SEARCH.

When pressing create the user is asked to add a title/name to the template.

It's also possible to use the project field to search for an existing project.

Doing so will start the template creation using the timeline for the existing project.(not required)

As seen below a gantt template is created.

This is done in the same way as creating a timeline.

The dates aren't important when setting up the template, as they will be set depending on where in the project they are added. 

Activity types

When creating a template, the activity type options are limited as shown below.

When you have created the required activities in the template, it's ready to be used.

Manage templates

In the search menu for the templates, you will find the list of available templates.

From here you can:

  • Edit: Opens the template editor for the specific template
  • Rename: Change the title of the template
  • Delete: Remove the template for the system
  • Access: Choose which project types the template should be available for

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