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The email tab is used for two main purposes:

  1. Import mails that are recognized by the system
  2. Quickly send mails that are then attached to the object they are sent from

Let's take a look at how the email tab functions and how it is used.

Importing mails

The first step is to make sure that the system is configured to import mails. This function works by integration to your users mail accounts. How to setup this function is explained in mail import section.

The email tab

The tab works by showing a list of email divided by months and filters if needed.

The columns of the mails can be adjusted through the pencil menu.

Open email

To read en existing mail, simply press on the subject.

The mail will open and can therefore be read.

From here it's also possible to reply.

By pressing the button it will open your standard mail program and from there a reply can be sent.

Sending a new mail

Some modules include a New mail button, which opens your standard mail program, and adds the subject for you.

This is composed by:

<Name of the object + [module#13298]>

In this above case, an example could be:

  • Cleaning of apartment [Task#13298]


You can change the subject but do not remove the content of the brackets as it's used by the integration to pair the mail with the object

After the mail is sent, a copy of it will be visible in the mail list.

Sending mail function can be performed without the mail integration, but for the mail to be added to the list, the integration is needed.

Other functions

As shown in the picture below, the pencil menu can be used for different actions on a mail:

  • Delete mail: Deletes the mail
  • Send to files: If there are attachments to the mail, they can be added to the files folder for this specific object
  • Assign to task: This let's you attach the mail to a specific task (if the brackets haven't been used)
  • Assign to unit: This let's you attach the mail to a specific unit (if the brackets haven't been used)
  • Reply to mail: Let's you reply the mail
  • Forward mail: Let's you forward the mail
  • Create task: Let's you create a task with the description from the mail body

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