In Microbizz there are three main ways of invoicing from the system.

  1. Exporting functionality
  2. Invoicing from Microbizz
  3. Using an integration

Exporting functionality

This method is used when Microbizz's reponsibility in regards to invoicing is to create an exportable list of invoice lines.

The export is done either manually by creating a file that can later be imported in another system, or by integration, where the invoice lines are exported to another system.

Read more about this here.

Invoicing from Microbizz

This allows you to create invoices in Microbizz, and export them to Economic or Fortnox.

Read more about this here.

Using an integration

Some integrations are able to function within Microbizz, giving the system the functionality needed to create and manage invoices directly.

This means that users involved in the invoicing workflows can manage only using Microbizz rather than also having to switch to the ERP system.

Read more about this here.