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The Invoices module revolves around the products and services used by customers in order to get paid for them.

Microbizz is not a financial system, but constitutes the foundation for invoicing based on information like hour registration, product use and much more.

Invoicing is accessed through the Invoices module as shown below.

Setting up the export method

The most important configuration is the configuration of how invoice lines are exported. This is setup in the menu CONFIGURATION > EXPORT METHOD in the Invoice module, but if you are using an integration like Economic or C5 or Proforma etc,  then this is handled automatically by the integration. Without an integration you will have to configure the export method as described here: Export method .

When using modern integrations the export happens automatically whenever there is a change to the invoice. When using "legacy" integrations you can either setup automatic export (and import) at regular intervals, or you can manually export any changes by clicking on the Do export button the in System module.

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