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Here you can edit previously created daily worksheets or create one for today.

This is accessed through MY HOURS > EDIT as shown below.

Adding/editing hours

You can begin adding hours by inserting the following information at each row:

  • Time: The time used on the task. The format must be hh:mm
  • Registration: Choose from registration you may have created. For more on this, please refer to internal posts
  • Note: A note regarding the task

Save you entry by pressing the "Save daily worksheet"-button.

If the daily worksheet has been saved, it is possible to delete or edit the entry by pressing the red icon with a white "x" in it or the pencil-icon, respectively.

Closing worksheet

To finish the worksheet for the day for approval, one can write a note for the day before ticking off "Close daily worksheet" and pressing the "Save daily worksheet"-button.

It should be noted, that if the worksheet has been approved, no further registrations to the worksheet can be done - unless you press the "Undo close" button or have the necessary permissions to do so.

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