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My hours

Depending on how the user should register their time within Microbizz (please refer to the user module) determines whether or not he or she must create worksheets themselves.

Creating your hours

To begin with, we need to create a daily worksheet which is accomplished as such:

After doing so, you can register the following:

  • Time spent on an internal post or a task
  • By using the magnifying glass, you can choose the internal post (configurable in Hours → Settings → Internal posts) or task the time was spent on
  • Upon choosing an internal post or a task, the user can register which work area (configurable in Setup → Settings → Work areas) they participated in within the task
  • Any notes

As seen in the screenshot above, it is possible to see if there are any:

  • Markings: Markings can only be configured through Settings → General. For more on this, please refer to the module's settings
  • GPS: Depending on whether GPS coordinates have been registered or not, the system may check for GPS coordinates every time a registration happens, which is often when you check out via your phone or tablet. A green icon indicates that you were within 500 meters of the internal post or task you carried out at that given time, while a red icon indicates that you were over 500 meters away. If there isn't any icon, it is because there hasn't been registered any GPS coordinate.
  • ?: Depending on how the time was registered, the following letters might be displayed:
    • A: Registered automatically
    • M: Registered manually
    • C: Registered by checking in/out of a task
    • T: Registered on a ticket (only if you have the Support module)

Any registration is first saved after pressing the "Save daily worksheet"-button

Editing your hours

If the daily worksheet has been saved, it is possible to delete or edit the entry by pressing the red icon with a white "x" in it or the pencil-icon, respectively.

To finish the worksheet for the day, one can write a note for the day before pressing the "Save daily worksheet"-button. Furthermore, if "Close daily worksheet" was ticked off before pressing the button, it is not possible to register any further.

It should be noted, that if the worksheet has been approved, no further registrations to the worksheet can be done - unless you press the "Undo close" button or have the necessary permissions to do so.

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