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Internal posts

If you continously have work to be done for a company and it does not necessarily attach to a task, a project or a company, then you can create it as an internal post.

Internal posts will be accesible on the daily worksheet just like other registrations. Examples on a continously reoccuring post could be:

  • Lunch
  • Private time
  • Phone support

You can create, edit and delete the internal postings by choosing SETTINGS > INTERNAL POSTINGS as shown below.

Create an internal post

To create a new internal post you need to fill out the following:

  • Internal post: Title of the internal post

  • Normal salary time: If you are using the salary module this indicates if hours registered here, is considered normal working hours. If you have an internal post called "meeting" this will typically we considered working hours, but if you have one called "personal time" this will not be considered working hours.

Edit an internal post

Editing an internal post happens in the same menu. Just click on the pencil or directly on the title to enter edit mode.

The internal post can also be deleted by clicking the pencil. Note that if you edit an internal post that has already been used, or delete it entirely, then you also delete all the registrations made on this post, and thus no longer possible to draw statistics from the post.

If you have deleted any internal post, thet can be viewed by checking the box next to Incl. deleted.

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